intermingle with

intermingle something with something

to mingle or merge things with things. Don't intermingle the U.S. mail with the interoffice mail. The office mail had been intermingled with the regular mail!

intermingle with someone

to mingle or merge with people. The mugger intermingled with the people on the street and could not be recognized. Let's intermingle with the guests.
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Which makes me think that if we didn't have God's Particle, we would all come apart at the seams and float around in clouds of photons waiting to intermingle with other clouds of photons.
Tracks like "She's So Lovely" and "Trouble" typify said formula, with melodic vocals that crescendo into sing-along choruses and hooky guitar licks that intermingle with soaring power chords.
They are not-so-cozy monsters inhabiting a space where media images intermingle with personal obsessions.
We get the chance to intermingle with the local national community and experience local culture.
In place of the Bard's text, the lovers now lip-synch their journeys to a seamless collage of disco hits--from "Car Wash" to "Don't Leave Me This Way"--while audience members intermingle with the production's 12 cast members on the dance floor.
In Blue Madonna, 1961, for example, the human figures intermingle with trees and horses in a flat, fragmented fauvist space, and that depiction of the natural world, traversed by desire, contrasts sharply with the austere world of the Madonna and Child (painted at the right of the canvas), aloof and stylistically at odds with the rest of the painting.