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intermingle with (someone or something)

To join, mix, or blend with other people or things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "intermingle" and "with." Can you please make sure that our new student intermingles with the rest of the class at lunch? I've intermingled your suggestions with the existing curriculum. Do you think Sam will be able to intermingle with the group? He can be pretty standoffish.
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intermingle something with something

to mingle or merge things with things. Don't intermingle the U.S. mail with the interoffice mail. The office mail had been intermingled with the regular mail!
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intermingle with someone

to mingle or merge with people. The mugger intermingled with the people on the street and could not be recognized. Let's intermingle with the guests.
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All three programs share the camp store and intermingle while eating ice cream, putting on sunscreen, and watching their counselors laugh together.
They are not-so-cozy monsters inhabiting a space where media images intermingle with personal obsessions.
Fifth Avenue at 57th Street is a crossroads where luxury goods meet middle-market and entertainment-related retailers, and locals and tourists intermingle.
Politics and society intermingle in the collected essays too, which are divided into three sections: "Florentine Society from the Black Death to the Age of Lorenzo," "Aspects of Florentine Culture" (which includes sorcery as well as university education), and "Religious Structures, Practices, Beliefs." They are prefaced by abstracts and followed by brief updates and the sources of the articles.
Indeed, this two-CD set highlights three of the four bloodlines of rock (the other being country music), and how they intermingle.
In place of the Bard's text, the lovers now lip-synch their journeys to a seamless collage of disco hits--from "Car Wash" to "Don't Leave Me This Way"--while audience members intermingle with the production's 12 cast members on the dance floor.
These particles have an unusual property that enables matter and antimatter forms to intermingle by the rules of quantum mechanics to create blended particles called K-long ([K.sub.l]) and K-short ([K.sub.s]).
This SincroMultiplaAirjet model foresees the application of an electronic motorised unwinding device necessary to unwind an elastomeric yarn with a perfect and regular draw ratio and to intermingle it through the air with a textured yarn.
Police high-ups also tasked their sub-ordinates to intermingle with the crowd and keep vigil on the anti-peace elements.
Digging into such unfixed moments when memory, reality, and fiction intermingle is all well and good.
Digital technology collides with primitive instrumentation; Western singers and Portuguese sounds intermingle to create something both present-minded and rooted in several pasts.
Patrolling of the LEAs vehicle remained for complete day on sensitive areas including Sariab Road, Brewery Road, Mecongy Road, Prince Road, Jinnah Road, Civil Lines and Alamdar Road, Police high-ups also tasked their subordinates to intermingle with the crowd and keep an eye on the anti-peace elements.