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interlace something with something

to weave something into something else. I will interlace some silver thread with the white yarn. The manufacturer had interlaced a silver thread into the yarn.
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Of these events, only the presentation of Gandalf's incarceration and the wounding of Frodo are developed in the film as cross-cut interlace.
2) in Rivendell is an opportunity for interlace taken up in both text and film, but it is handled differently in each.
n-1] interlace with the remaining n (non-common) zeros of [P.
2] - t([alpha] - [beta] + 2n (n + [alpha] + 1))[/[(2n + [alpha] + [beta] + t)(2n + [alpha] + [beta] + 2)] interlace with the zeros of [P.
The name, The Interlace, reinforces the interconnectivity of the community with the surrounding natural environment.
His current projects include MahaNakhon, a 300-meter tower in Bangkok; The Interlace and The Scotts Tower, two residential developments in Singapore; a media center in Shanghai; the Taipei Performing Arts Centre in Taiwan; the conceptual plan study for the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong; and a recently-won competition to build a new city center for Shenzhen in southern China.
The assignment of Tolkien characters, events, and symbols to the Tarot, as mentioned above, disrupts the "natural" storyline of both Tarot and Tolkien, even as it creates a new interlace out of these two sources.
The result of this process is a "reading," certainly a form of interlace, in which the cards are related to the querent through the assigning of meanings to cards as they fall in different pattern positions, as in "past influence," "immediate future," and "obstacles.
My second major point, then, is that the emergence of a new, complex and dynamic mode of interlace in the Furioso is closely correlated with equally striking shifts in semantic content with respect to the Innamorato.
The last step to be taken, and my third major claim here, is to suggest that the emergence of important new structural and semantic elements in the Furioso, brought together in Ariosto's expanded use of traditional romance interlace techniques, can be understood at least in part as an effect of and/or a re sponse to the pressure of historical crises.