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interlace with (something)

To weave something into or through something else; to intertwine or intermingle two or more things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interlace" and "with." When you make the bracelet, can you interlace the pink thread with purple? Those are my daughter's favorite colors.
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interlace something with something

to weave something into something else. I will interlace some silver thread with the white yarn. The manufacturer had interlaced a silver thread into the yarn.
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Much of the structural interlace is of a light-handed familiar kind that hardly warrants the label; and it tends to be "true" to the book, if not always taken exactly from it, as in Bilbo's story-telling of his adventures in The Hobbit, references to Bilbo's adoption of Frodo, and the obvious familiarity of the hobbit children with Gandalf's fireworks.
Interlace has enormous potential to penetrate into the financial and banking sector giving an edge over its competitors in the region.
(a) the zeros of [P.sup.[alpha]+t,[beta].sub.n-1] and [[[beta].sup.2] - [[alpha].sup.2] + t([beta] - [alpha] + 2n (n + [beta] + 1))]/[(2n + [alpha] + [beta] + t)(2n + [alpha] + [beta] + 2)] interlace with the zeros of [P.sup.[alpha],[beta].sub.n+1] for fixed t [member of] {0, 1, 2};
Designed by Ole Scheeren, partner of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), The Interlace breaks away from Singapore's standard typology of isolated, vertical apartment towers and instead explores a dramatically different approach to tropical living: an expansive interconnected network of living and communal spaces integrated with the natural environment.
All three types of interlace characterize The Lord of the Rings; structural interlace is frequently apparent in the moments dedicated to story, dream, and fortune telling because they intertwine past, present, and probable future events; stylistic interlace appears in the frequent restating of themes of love and loyalty, as in the Aragorn-Arwen relationship as a restatement of that of Beren-Luthien Tinuviel, and the different responses to the ring by the brothers Faramir and Boromir; and pictorial interlace appears so continuously that the physical aspects of the environment seem to be a direct manifestation of the motivations and will of the various characters with regard to the quest.
Lacy shows that the understated style and narrative structure (where interlace is gradually replaced by linear narration) impose an appropriately anticlimactic closure onto Arthurian history.
It also has improved noise immunity and connectors, includes central optic for denier variation and interlace measurement, is capable of handling up to 12 end winders and allows integration with Fraycam 2.
Narrative interlace, the third definitive characteristic of the romance, is an analogue of the complex patterns found in a wide range of medieval visual media, including stone, metal, fabric, and paint.
The new site has improved site navigation and created a clearer user interlace, designed to enable site members and visitors to more easily access content and tools for managing their property listings and client communications.
The system gives all technical and non-technical district staff access to multiple data sources at the school and district levels through one interlace, which lets teachers, principals and administrators make decisions based on key data.
This space-saving adapter allows designers of transceiver modules, optical multiplexers and de-multiplexers, optical equipment enclosures and circuit boards, the luxury of additional room for components and circuits--while still maintaining a standard duplex LC interlace with the outside world.
This is accomplished -- we will see -- in a uniquely Ariostan adaptation of the romance compositional technique of entrelacement, or interlace that he had inherited from a long and well established tradition, and especially from his great Ferrarese precursor, Matteo Maria Boiardo, whose unfinished Orlando innamorato the Furioso sets out to complete.
US diagnostics and medical equipment maker Hologic (NASDAQ:HOLX) said today it had taken over medical technologies firm Interlace Medical for USD125m (EUR96.3m) in cash.
The new graphical user interlace collectively defines, saves and retrieves photographing and imaging conditions to facilitate data acquisition under optimum conditions.
Designed with an intuitive user interlace that makes it easy to use for beginners and experts alike, the Balance Check can be used to detect unbalance, identify the correction capacity required to offset unbalance and verity balance once it is restored, according to the company.