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interject someone into something

to force someone into something, usually into someone else's business. I am going to have to interject Fred into this matter before it gets out of hand. I hate to interject myself into your affairs, but I have something to say.

interject something into something

to volunteer information or a comment into a conversation. We can always count on Liz to interject something sensible into our discussions. At last, something sensible has been interjected into our discussions.
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He was bemoaning my criticism of current Education Secretary Rod Paige earlier in the week for what I viewed as Paige's offensive comments about values other than those derived from Christianity and the need to interject religion into public schools.
Wharton's willingness to interject himself into the text as both actor and scholar is a model more of us should follow.
Still, as talk of trannies and pannies excited the crowd, I felt compelled to interject a warning against the fashionable labels that seem to imply our old ways of being are just passe.
Even typically quiet members will be more likely to interject if they know that their opinions will be valued, and that they won't be personally attacked for maintaining their point of view.
The first group of Bronx properties has already passed the first four-month statutory redemption period for the original owners, and the second four-month period, during which time the City Council has the opportunity to interject a 45-day review period of the prospective new ownership.
Then she does what amounts to a stand-up routine, except the point is to help the staff vent their anger and frustrations and to show them how to interject humor into their daily lives.
The science adviser should interject science and technology into areas that may relate only indirectly to science, such as international relations, Bromley says.
At least in the UK when the American host broadcaster cuts to a commercial break David Livingstone is invariably on hand to interject and ask Brian Barnes what he thinks of Jesper's trousers.
Everywhere you go, people will interject their perplexing rules on us: "You can't skate here," "You can't stand here.
A nice assortment of tools will reduce some of the mental tedium and interject a little fun into the process.
Hawaii's Board of Education has unanimously rejected a proposal to interject creationism into the state's public schools.
By the way, I want to interject that in Indonesia I am a major international figure and I have to admit that I enjoyed it," he said.