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interject (someone or something) into (something)

To introduce someone or something into a particular situation, often in a way that is meddlesome or unwelcome. Please don't interject your thoughts into this meeting, OK? You're just supposed to be observing. Please stop interjecting Mom and Dad into every little crisis in my life—I want to prove that I'm OK on my own!
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interject someone into something

to force someone into something, usually into someone else's business. I am going to have to interject Fred into this matter before it gets out of hand. I hate to interject myself into your affairs, but I have something to say.
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interject something into something

to volunteer information or a comment into a conversation. We can always count on Liz to interject something sensible into our discussions. At last, something sensible has been interjected into our discussions.
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Not long ago, there was a debate in "Reader Blowback" regarding the use of "trigger press" or "trigger pull." I would like to interject a simple truth.
The state says that $17 "goes to promote the national motto 'In God We Trust', 1st amendment rights and the heritage of this state and nation"--but fails to make it clear that the money is being given to Alliance Defending Freedom, a controversial Religious Right legal group that works to undermine LGBTQ rights, interject fundamentalist Christianity in public schools and government, end legal abortion and promote a definition of religious freedom that allows for discrimination.
Saarani said in today's sitting, Ngeh would interject when assemblymen were debating.
"Syria will continue to strengthen its air defenses, attempt to interject and down every missile fired by Israel, and target any Israeli air force asset that infringes on Syrian national airspace.
"This is another situation where well-timed questions will serve you much better than talking over someone or trying to interject your way into the conversation," notes Hess.
There are few places these days where the media isn't trying to interject a political stance.
RIPON: 6.40 Gleneely Girl, 7.10 Secret Applause, 7.40 ASTEROIDEA (NAP), 8.10 Sunrise Star, 8.40 Interject, 9.10 Tarrafal.
Umpire Peter Willey was forced to interject, with Essex skipper James Foster also called into the conversation.
interject African-based concepts, explanatory paradigms and experiential knowledge into the various strands of the dominan feminist discourse.-Filomina Steady, editor of The Black Woman Cross-Culturally and Black Women, Globalization, a Economic Justice
Shimmering Foals-like guitars interject pounding percussion, howled vocals and sinister church organs.
Schroder and Dawe frequently interject short notes in order to relate the personal narratives to current understandings of PTSD.
They could not interject, but during a subsequent break, Dunlop's responses were discussed.
I will interject a little philosophy and / or techniques but that is not my purpose.
It would be equally inappropriate to allow lawyers to interject themselves into the claims process just so they could charge veterans for assistance in obtaining their earned benefits.