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interfere in something

to meddle in something; to become involved in someone else's business. Don't interfere in my business! Are you interfering in this matter again?
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interfere with someone or something

to meddle with something or someone's affairs. Please do not interfere with us. Are you interfering with my project?
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interfere with

1. To serve as a hindrance or obstacle to something: Don't let football practice interfere with your schoolwork.
2. To tamper with something: Someone interfered with the alarm system, and now it's broken.
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References in classic literature ?
A member of the Boo Gang held Martin's coat, and shirt, and cap, ready to race with them into safety in case the police interfered.
ISLAMABAD, January 25, 2010 (Frontier Star ): Supreme Court (SC) while rejecting written reply of interior minister A Rehman Malik with regard to contempt of court notice in Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) corruption case has remarked SC has never interfered in the affairs of administration but he (Rehman Malik) has interfered in court affairs, therefore, case on contempt plea will proceed against him.
The check-in girl showed us that our phones had interfered with her computer, producing a mass of green lines and gobbledegook.
A FAIRGROUND ride had to be moved because it interfered with a police computer system.
Arum said Pacquiao had returned the $500,000 bonus he had received for signing a seven-fight deal with Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, which, according to Arum, had interfered with the contract Pacquiao had signed with Top Rank for the fight with Morales.
Three-quarters of women interviewed at an Italian gynecology clinic said that their periods interfered with sex, half said that it interfered with their participation in sports and three in 10 said that it interfered with work or their choice of what to wear.
The current study is consistent with an earlier rat study published in the April 2004 issue of EHP, which found that PCBs interfered directly with fetal TH receptor signaling, as opposed to reducing circulating maternal TH levels.
The appeals court held that the actual and hypothetical associations with which the work rule allegedly interfered did not touch on matters of public concern.
The agency claims that Dunifer's pirate broadcasts have interfered with other stations' signals, and that a less-regulated system would only be an invitation to a complete breakdown of radio order.
The proposal by the DEP would have interfered with those plans, Blumenfeld charged.
With a small amount of practice with arbitrary shape names, clashing ink colors interfered with shape naming, but shape names did not slow down the naming of different ink colors.
The charge states that employees displayed intimidating and disruptive behavior by marching en masse through the paper's offices during business hours, which intimidated and interfered with management and other workers, which violates NLRB rules.
He said there's an assurance of a ``clear, bright line'' that ensures the constitutional powers of the district attorney are not interfered with by a contract attorney.
One-third of all children and adolescents treated with antipsychotic drugs in a New York psychiatric hospital developed symptoms of parkinsonism--mainly muscular rigidity and slowed movements -that interfered with daily activities and of ten persisted for weeks or months after antipsychotic use stopped, researchers report in the October AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY.
The court also found that the racial bias allegations were "based strictly on hearsay" and that there was no evidence that the absence of new stock certificates in any way interfered with the Allens' ownership of the apartments or their ability to sell them.