interfere with

interfere with (something)

1. To disrupt or meddle with something. Quit interfering with my plans—it's my wedding day after all! Leave it to Mom to try to interfere with anything you want to do.
2. To tamper or mess with something. Someone must have interfered with the server last night because it's not working right today.
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interfere with someone or something

to meddle with something or someone's affairs. Please do not interfere with us. Are you interfering with my project?
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interfere with

1. To serve as a hindrance or obstacle to something: Don't let football practice interfere with your schoolwork.
2. To tamper with something: Someone interfered with the alarm system, and now it's broken.
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"The accused is is very forceful, arrogant and is likely to violently interfere with the witness," Ouma said.
HEADPHONES used with MP3 players like the iPod may interfere with heart pacemakers and implanted defibrillators, it was claimed yesterday.
Samples that are extracted from foods, animal and plant tissue, soils, and wastewater contain a number of substances that can interfere with the analysis of residues.
It's his football club, but he does not interfere with me.
Compounds in cranberry appear to interfere with the ability of some bacteria to stick to the lining of the urinary tract.
It has virtually always been the rule that government could interfere with religious behavior if that behavior was harmful to individuals, groups, or the society as a whole.
The tense-modified questionnaire consisted of 14 randomly presented items, 7 assessing anticipated work-interfering-with-family conflict (e.g., "My work will take up time that I will want to invest in my family"), and 7 assessing family-interfering-with-work conflict (e.g., "My family's demands and personal problems will interfere with my work").
As the data reveal, not only insecticides but other classes of pesticides, such as herbicides and fungicides, can also interfere with neurodevelopment.
This mechanism has been shown to interfere with tumor vasculature in preclinical models.
It's OK for the depressors to move as long as they don't move so much they interfere with the M2's functioning.
It reportedly reduces resin viscosity but does not interfere with decorating, printing, bonding, plating, or wet-out of fillers and fibers.
John's wort will not interfere with the pill's effects when used as a primary treatment for hirsutism, said Dr.
I felt it didn't interfere with my players but maybe it interfered with other people and maybe it interfered with the result.
'But I felt it didn't interfere with my players, it didn't interfere with my team, but maybe it interfered with other people and maybe interfered with the result.
When there was all that chatter about a terrorist group planning to interfere with the election--and they would not specify if it was the same group that had interfered with the election the last time--the reds quarantined several blocks and buildings in New York and New Jersey.