interfere in

interfere in something

to meddle in something; to become involved in someone else's business. Don't interfere in my business! Are you interfering in this matter again?
See also: interfere
References in classic literature ?
I have never tried to interfere in any of your malicious schemes, although I am ashamed to think I have watched them without protest.
Leave here, if you will, in safety, and mind your own affairs; but if you show one particle of curiosity as to mine, if you interfere in matters which concern me and me only, remember that you are encircled by powers which are entirely ruthless, absolutely omnipotent.
Now, my dear sir--my dear Sir,' said the little man, 'pray, allow me--my dear Sir, the very first principle to be observed in these cases, is this: if you place the matter in the hands of a professional man, you must in no way interfere in the progress of the business; you must repose implicit confidence in him.
The courts can not interfere in the political affairs.
She said, "If we failed to control terrorism, foreign powers will interfere in our affairs".
He said the government will not interfere in the work of the commission that will investigate the "unfortunate events" that took place in February and March.
MPs who are unhappy with the court's verdict should move to the court of appeals," President Karzai's chief spokesman said, adding that no foreign individual, country or organization should interfere in the process.
This was an expected procedure after confirmations from university presidents and the Minister of Higher Education that security won't interfere in academic life anymore," said Laila Soueif, member of March 9 Movement for the independence of universities.
Look at those delegations that move between countries asking (them) to interfere in a national issue that nobody should interfere in," Maliki said.
There is another thing that only the president can do, which is to send a message to President Fox of Mexico that we will not tolerate his government continuing to interfere in our sovereign affairs.
Court cannot interfere in political matters while protecting fundamental rights of citizens is responsibility of the court.
According to a Private TV channel, Rehman Malik assured Liaquat Baloch that rallies and sit-ins were a part of democratic setup and said that government would not interfere in the sit-in, besides providing fool proof security to rally participants.
Bill Borklund, the father, and Joshua Borklund, the son, have made it a point to interfere in the plans of criminals, even going so far as to chase down petty thieves and armed robbers.
Barrister Ali Zafar advocate filed reply from the side of PAT wherein PAT has challenged jurisdiction of the court pleading that court is has not powers to interfere in political affairs.