interface with

interface someone or something with someone or something

to bring about a complex connection of people and things, in any combination. (Originally having to do with computers.) Let's interface Walter with the staff from the main office. I want to interface my data with Sam, who has some relevant statistics from prior years.

interface with someone or something

to develop a connection or interaction with someone or something. Call Walter and set up a meeting so we can interface with him. This computer is meant to interface with as many as five others just like it.
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A native Serial ATA host or device does not perform the Parallel/Serial adaptation, but will directly interface with system buses or the internal logic of a disk controller.
IBS has also completed the DYNA interface with enhancements and modifications for another long-time client, Acadia Realty Trust of Port Washington, NY.
0 has been upgraded to permit plug-and-play use of multiple synchronized digital audio inputs, enabling musicians and other content creators to easily interface with the latest digital microphones, digital musical instruments and other digital audio sources.
Pegasus' existing interface with MSI's WinPM system will be enhanced with full two-way capabilities, and MSI will assist Pegasus in developing an additional interface for the RezView(R) CRS that will be compliant with Open Travel Alliance (OTA) specifications.
The PC industry needs a ubiquitous digital interface with optional content protection that may be deployed widely at minimum cost to enable broad access to premium content.
Saturn Drive Cartridge System (SDCS) -- The Saturn SDCS configuration adds a hot swappable removable hard drive system inside a 5 1/4" drive bay via USB, SATA or Firewire interface with the included USIB interface cable in each package.
Furthermore, system designers can choose the most efficient memory product to interface with the MFI/O-Memory based on current price and availability, creating cost savings for their end product.
Each port incorporates both a copper 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface with an RJ-45 connector and an adjoining fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet interface with a modular SFP connector.
Hospital Chief Information Officers are sometimes wary of department-specific medical information systems ("best of breed" solutions) because they question the vendor's ability to successfully interface with large hospital information systems.
The new patent is a continuation of the company's United States Patent entitled "Voice User Interface with Personality" (no.
The WIS section is a complete, fully Telcordia/ITU compliant, OC-192c SONET/SDH interface with OC-192c framing, pointer processing and full-overhead processing.
Nasdaq:ONIS), a leading provider of optical telecommunications systems for metropolitan and regional markets, today unveiled its new Bit-Rate Tunable Wavelength Interface with forward error correction capabilities to support a wide variety of services between 100 Mbps and 2.
com Marketplace, and a RosettaNet Partner Interface with Fujitsu Siemens Computers as well as with Hewlett-Packard Co.
5 gbps when all 4 channels are used) full-duplex synchronous interface with built-in clock and data recovery (CDR) in standard-cell logic, along with up to 120K usable FPGA system gates.
The SD1000D can interface with TFT LCD panels from various manufacturers by generating 24 or 48-bit RGB signals to the TFT LCD panel based on timing parameters saved in the EEPROM.
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