interface with

interface with (someone or something)

To establish a connection between several people or things. The phrase is often applied to technology. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interface" and "with." We really need to interface with Holly and find out what our options are for fixing this error. Call IT if you have trouble interfacing the new printer with our computer system.
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interface someone or something with someone or something

to bring about a complex connection of people and things, in any combination. (Originally having to do with computers.) Let's interface Walter with the staff from the main office. I want to interface my data with Sam, who has some relevant statistics from prior years.
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interface with someone or something

to develop a connection or interaction with someone or something. Call Walter and set up a meeting so we can interface with him. This computer is meant to interface with as many as five others just like it.
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But the Geogrid element in [FLAC.sup.3D] can only simulate the interface with linear elastic characteristics.
Interface tracking and the analysis of the shape of the solid-liquid interface with a specific heat transfer coefficient were carried out in order to determine the optimum CSC process parameters.
total mold weight up to 30 tons, programmable automatic lubrication, hydraulic system has built-in troubleshooting aids; Allen-Bradley operator interface with animated clamp sequence and position indication; fully programmable platen motions and clamp forces; mold sequence programming through machine control interface; pictorial alarm help screens; hotline modem service support.
The new solution allows information in DLA's Distribution Standard System (DSS) to interface with the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES), improving the information flow between CCPs and aerial ports of embarkation (APOEs).
SAS promises the reduced price of a serial interface with the proven reliability and performance of SCSI.
It also supports an EoS interface with integrated Ethernet multiplexing functions eliminating the need for external switching elements, further reducing the cost of deploying access equipment.
The IMSO web site is set to interface with the DSCA (SAN) and the release of TMS v6.0, DISAM's Training Management System (TMS) software.
The alliance will formalize two key integrations PeopleSoft Payroll with ProBusiness Payroll Tax Filing Services and PeopleSoft Payroll Interface with ProBusiness Payroll.
The research was conducted to determine which gases evolve at the mold-metal interface with the thermal decomposition of organic binders during the pouring and cooling of ferrous castings.
IBS has also completed the DYNA interface with enhancements and modifications for another long-time client, Acadia Realty Trust of Port Washington, NY.
Saccharin crystals can assume a structure known as a twin: The planes of atoms come together to form an interface with one side presenting the mirror image of the other.
In her book Through the Interface, Bodker [4] observes that computers are a tool through which people interface with their work.
Equipped with one Gbyte of 266-MHz DDR SDRAM and two Mbytes of L2 cache, the P620 features a high-resolution dual-channel display interface with 2D/3D acceleration, two Gigabit Ethernet ports with Boot and Wake-On-LAN capabilities, and an AC-97 audio Line In/Out interface.
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