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interface with (someone or something)

To establish a connection between several people or things. The phrase is often applied to technology. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interface" and "with." We really need to interface with Holly and find out what our options are for fixing this error. Call IT if you have trouble interfacing the new printer with our computer system.
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interface someone or something with someone or something

to bring about a complex connection of people and things, in any combination. (Originally having to do with computers.) Let's interface Walter with the staff from the main office. I want to interface my data with Sam, who has some relevant statistics from prior years.
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interface with someone or something

to develop a connection or interaction with someone or something. Call Walter and set up a meeting so we can interface with him. This computer is meant to interface with as many as five others just like it.
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Figure 1 displays the interface structure of the Ge(111)/4H-SiC(0001) heterojunction based on the TEM characterizations [3].
The sudden increments in the current density are probably due to charge carrier scattering at the interface where some of the off-resonance state changed on-resonance states.
An important aspect of interoperability is that it comes in the form of both internal and external system interfaces. Internal interfaces are those that connect component to component and sub-system to sub-system.
Experiments were performed to evaluate the accuracy of the interfaces. Figure 10 shows the experimental apparatus and the sliding lever interface.
Voice-based technologies are the most important area of growth for mobile user interfaces, says principal analyst Peter Cooney.
MIPI Alliance interfaces are offered within a framework of specifications that serve four device interface categories: multimedia, chip-to-chip, control/ data, and debug.
4) How to validate the framework to ensure it meets the objectives of the ICT Work Interface?
So in order to apply a uniform flexible normal pressure on the interface, a 2 cm thick soft silicon plate, placed at the bottom of rigid load plate, was used to form a flexible load plate in the upper shear box.
The mechanical properties of fibrous composites are closely related to the interface control process, material compound, material properties, and interfacial failure modes, so these are very important for the interface mechanics design and optimization of fibrous composites.
The momentum equation is written for the entire flow field and the forces resulting from surface tension and inserted at the interface as body forces, which act only at the interface.
To assist the IM implementation, the construction interface management procedure and a MI matrix are used in this study.
Characterization and behavior of interfaces; proceedings.
Options: Up to 999 pour recipes, closed-loop control, magnetic couplings on pumps, graphic interface package, PC interface, color addition, nucleation, mix-head boom mount.
- Enhanced User Interface - HBX 3.0 contains a new highly graphical, customer-driven interface that improves user interaction and productivity
Since there is no need for a traditional steering column, the interface folds into the driver's side door, providing more room for entry and egress.
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