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be in an interesting condition

euphemism To be pregnant. A: "Is it true that Stan's daughter is in an interesting condition?" B: "Yes, she's due at the end of the summer."

cut a figure

To convey a particular image. An adjective is often used between "a" and "figure." As the dog ran around while covered in a blanket, he cut a funny figure that entertained the kids.
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in an interesting condition

euphemism Pregnant. A: "Is it true that Stan's daughter is in an interesting condition?" B: "Yes, she's due at the end of the summer."

make (something) interesting

1. To increase the level of potential risk and reward in a particular situation by betting money on it. A: "Come on, let's make this interesting. I bet you $100 his plan will never work." B: "$100? You're on!" A: "You seem awfully confident about this. Care to make it interesting?" B: "Sure, how does $50 sound?"
2. To complicate a situation that previously seemed straightforward or to have a foregone conclusion. The team made things interesting by scoring two goals in the last 10 minutes, but the Kings were able to hold them off and win 3-2. FlemCorp has controlled the smartphone market for years, but it seems like this new manufacturer, Smapple, could make things interesting.
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*in an interesting condition

Euph. pregnant. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Young Mrs. Lutin is in an interesting condition. The bride appeared to be in an interesting condition.
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cut a — figure

present yourself or appear in a particular way.
1994 Vanity Fair David has cut a dashing figure on the international social scene.
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in an interesting condition

pregnant. dated euphemistic
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The IRS brought up an interesting issue in its discussion of unrelated overpayments.
It is interesting to note that neither the negligence penalty nor the fraud penalty was incorporated in this change; at the time, each of these penalties contained a built-in interest component.
Rather, the preamble to the proposed regulations indicated that the Service's position on back-to-back loans is contained in various rulings.(33) Nevertheless, to the extent a taxpayer can demonstrate that the "complete" dominion and control test"(34) is met with respect to a back-to-back structure, it could present an interesting alternative for the taxpayer.
However, a more interesting question remained for the court--the determination of the character of the abandonment loss in a situation in which the partnership had no liabilities.
The Citron decision, while interesting, may have very little practical impact on abandonment of partnership interests.
An interesting thing happened to tax-exempt interest in 1986 - it potentially became taxable.