interest in (someone or something)

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interest in (someone or something)

1. To be intrigued by or curious about something. Haley's just never been interested in the Harry Potter books, so she's never read them.
2. To want something. No thanks, I'm not interested in anything to drink right now.
3. To have romantic feelings for someone. A: "Is Drew really interested in me?" B: "Yes! I think he's going to ask you out soon!"
4. To cause someone to be intrigued by or curious about something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "interest" and "in." I can't seem to interest Haley in the Harry Potter books, no matter how hard I try.
5. To cause someone to want something, often something for purchase. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "interest" and "in." Ma'am, can I interest you in our finest bed linens? Now that you're here, can I interest you in some lemonade?
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interest someone in someone or something

to arouse the interest of someone in someone or something. Yes, lean recommend someone for you to hire. Could I interest you in Tom? He's one of our best workers. Can I interest you in checking out a book from the library?
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interest someone in something

to cause someone to wish to purchase something. Could I interest you in something with a little more style to it? Can I interest you in some additional insurance on your life?
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interest in

To arouse in someone a curiosity about, or a desire for, doing or acquiring something: The clerk interested the customer in a new refrigerator. I am interested in French literature.
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References in classic literature ?
Beyond some deals of no importance, he had not been interested in anything for several months.
Moss, more alive to the subject, and interested in everything that affected her brother, listened and put in a word as often as maternal preoccupations allowed.
"I'd always been interested in football and found out there was no focus on throw-ins - no videos on YouTube, no courses, nothing.
While it is true that Pakistanis are interested in politics and want to see such activities but there is a limit to everything.
This resource, meant for website owners who have learned basic HTML and PHP who are interested in doing more with their sites, presents 100 ready-to-run PHP plug-ins that can be used to create dynamic web content.
Agents interested in growing their businesses should consider the inland marine market, and agents who have served the inland marine market for years will find exciting new opportunities for growth as the market continues to evolve.
Advertisers are definitely interested in reaching more buyers and owner-pilots are interested in learning more about the latest aviation products and services.
This book should please anyone interested in the history of the 18th century or of marketing.
Gauvreau is not interested in stamping out one business to create space for another.
Since Krome was known for its cowboy-style operation (the Miami INS would later be critized by the Office of Inspector General for its efforts to hoodwink congressional investigators), it was not hard to find reporters on the Miami beat interested in touring the facility.
Organizations interested in ShoptoCook can contact Beurskens at
"I'm not interested in prosecuting the little guy who comes across the border to build a better life," says Logue.
"Those constituency groups just weren't interested in deterring and keeping people out," says a former Justice official.
Accordingly, Sheik Al-Sharif is considered by this court to be seriously prejudiced against respondent, highly interested in the outcome of this case and he appears to be under the control of the INS which holds his future immigration status in its hands.
Urban Souls isn't out-and-out about music, yet it has enough melodic meat to warrant reading by anyone interested in the world of hip-hop.