interchange with

interchange with (someone or something)

To swap or exchange someone or something with someone or something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interchange" and "with." You and Sophie have a special bond, so it makes sense that you can't just interchange her with one of your other friends when she goes out of town. A: "The recipe calls for a quarter cup of milk." B: "Well, we don't have any milk—do you think we can interchange it with vegetable oil?"
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interchange (someone) with (someone else)

to exchange one person for another. I interchanged Sally with Roger for the honor of being first speaker. Roger has been interchanged with Sally.
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interchange something with something

to exchange one thing for another. Please interchange the orange one with the purple one. The orange one has been interchanged with the red one.
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The Al Rakb Interchange -- Exit 8 -- is a dumbbell-shaped interchange with two main bridges and two roundabouts.
He was informed that three lanes each carriageway flyover bridge have been constructed on Sohan Interchange with two loops, two link roads and 10 culverts.
The closed section of Al Khor Coastal Road will include the construction of three new interchanges that will provide free flow movements in all directions; Semaisma interchange, which is a two-level interchange with Al Khor Expressway at grade and Semaisma road as flyover.
They are Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway Interchange with the entrance to Mondaliza Factory in Hidd Industrial Area, Avenue 22 Interchange with Road 2407 in Juffair, Al Farooq Interchange in Manama and the Refinery Avenue Interchange with the entrance to Bapco in Ma'ameer Industrial Area.
The intersections are: Hunainiya Interchange with Road No 1 in Riffa; Hunainiya Avenue Interchange with Road 303 in Riffa; Avenue 58 Interchange with Avenue 50 in Qalali; Prince Saoud Al Faisal Highway Interchange with its side road in Juffair; Prince Saoud Al Faisal Highway Interchange with Avenue 22 in Juffair; and Saoud Al Faisal Highway Interchange with Road 2631 in Juffair.
The developed intersections includes Hunainiya Interchange with Road No.
The Collector and Distributor Left (CDL) road will be closed between the Al Kheesa Interchange and Al Kharaitiyat Interchange with new connections provided for getting onto the loops on the westbound side of the appropriate intersections.
Badria said the RTA would also complete the Al Ittihad Interchange (Galadari and Al Mulla Plaza) by the end of January, while the Al Ittihad Road interchange with the Airport Road Interchange would open to traffic in July.
The study compares the delay caused by a diamond interchange with the delays at interchanges containing double- or single-roundabouts.
The one interchange with high-mast lighting had the light sources mounted at 30.5 meters (100 ft).
He was informed that three lanes each carriageway flyover bridge had been constructed on Sohan Interchange with two loops, two link roads and 10 culverts.
The number of vehicles currently using the interchange with its present system exceeds its capacity by 21%.
It comprises transforming the Al Nahda-Beirut Road interchange from a light signal-controlled intersection into an interchange with separate levels through constructing a flyover on Al Nahda Road, in addition to an underpass on Beirut Road.
The project comprised of transforming the previous roundabout into a 3 level interchange with a tunnel extending along Sh.
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