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interchange (someone) with (someone else)

to exchange one person for another. I interchanged Sally with Roger for the honor of being first speaker. Roger has been interchanged with Sally.

interchange something with something

to exchange one thing for another. Please interchange the orange one with the purple one. The orange one has been interchanged with the red one.
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Also, Lejthaya Interchange users can commute through the nearby Lehwaila Interchange and Fuwairit Interchange instead, along with the recently created service roads along Al Shamal Road, Ashghal has said.
Sheikh Anser directed for change in the proposed design of Khanapul Interchange and asked the concerned formations for addition of two underpasses, which would result in smooth flow of traffic from service roads of the interchange and would not cause any hassle for commuters on the Islamabad Expressway.
City-HUBs: Sustainable and Efficient Urban Transport Interchanges
5 of InterChange, which includes significant enhancements to InterChange's content authoring, site management and workflow capabilities.
The purpose of the contract is reconstruction and placement of traffic signs and road markings on certain interchanges along Corridor X (Interchanges: Veles Jug (South) , Negotino , Demir Kapija and Gevgelija ) and along the sections from Interchange Hipodrom Interchange Miladinovci and from Interchange Hipodrom Interchange Petrovec, in line with applicable legislation and standards.
My study compares the face to face instruction and the computer-mediated instruction (primarily through Daedalus Online's Discussion Board and InterChange spaces) used in both courses.
announces that IBM will offer the Cyclone Interchange platform to its customers.
Matrix Development Group of Cranbury, New Jersey, announces that six new corporate residents have moved into Interchange Plaza, the Matrix office park near Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike in Cranbury.
Tribune News Network - Doha : The Public Works Authority, 'Ashghal', will close temporarily both of Athba Interchange and Lejthaya Interchange on North Road to enable the construction of the service roads along, as part of the North Road Corridor Enhancement project.
Sher Khan Interchange was built during the previous regime while Wali Interchange was built during the tenure of present government.
The Umm Beshr Interchange, which is part of the new G-Ring Road project, includes the highest bridge in Qatar at 36m, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has said.
Prior Information Notice: Reconstruction and placement of traffic signs and road markings on certain interchanges along corridor x and along the sections from interchange hipodrom interchange miladinovci.