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intercede (for someone) (with someone or something)

to intervene on behalf of someone with someone or a group; to plead someone's case with someone or a group. I will intercede for Charlotte with the council. Tom interceded with Fred for Sharon, who was too shy to speak for herself.
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Specifically, they are the conclusion of his High Priestly Prayer, in which he turns from interceding with his Father on behalf of the disciples there present to "those who will believe in me through their word," that is, all future generations.
Strong and purposeful, it claims center stage, interceding on behalf of animals and working for the common good--purifying the stream.
As a Catholic woman, I can truly say that I have always been grateful that the monks of Athos have been there praising, worshipping, and interceding with God on my behalf and I have never felt the slightest desire to go there and disturb their peace.
Though medieval sensibilities and devotion to the Virgin Mary did not change overnight, "there is no mistaking the attempt by Counter-Reformation clergy to establish a more passive and spiritu alized Virgin -- humble, obedient, prayerful, silent, and devoted to good works while on earth; interceding, still humbly for the faithful once she reached heaven -- as a model for the type of Catholic they hoped to foster after Trent" (248).
These lines are spoken by Lucio to Isabella, pleading with her to save her brother Claudio's life by interceding with the thoroughly nasty Angelo, who just happens to be running Verona at the time.
These seven workers for God are now in heaven, interceding on our behalf.