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intercede (for someone) (with someone or something)

to intervene on behalf of someone with someone or a group; to plead someone's case with someone or a group. I will intercede for Charlotte with the council. Tom interceded with Fred for Sharon, who was too shy to speak for herself.
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Patients receive the best care using evidence-based protocols, and the hospital benefits financially," says Philip Sanger, MD, CEO of Intercede Health.
Intercede Health is a leading Integrated Medical Management company offering innovative solutions to the provider community to effectively manage health care costs and improve quality of health care services.
HOUSTON -- Intercede Health, a privately held medical management company, announces the appointment of Gray Miller as Chief Executive Officer effective immediately.
Intercede Group plc, a leading developer and supplier of smart card and identity credential management software, and CoreStreet, the leader in credential validation solutions, today announced the integration of Intercede's MyID with the CoreStreet PIVMAN solution.
By integrating with DaonEngine and other products in the Daon suite, Intercede increases speed in development of robust products and solutions, reduces risk by leveraging a solid technical framework for identity management and gains new functionality that compliments the MyID[R] product.
HOUSTON -- Intercede Health, a privately held medical management company and a leader in the field of Hospitalist medicine, today announced the signing of an agreement to provide a full-service Hospitalist program for Kindred Hospital Richmond, a Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) Hospital in Richmond, VA.
We believe we are entering a very effective partnership in our pursuit of excellent patient care," notes Intercede Health President and CEO Gray Miller.
Philip Sanger, the founder of Intercede Health, said that "If all hospitalist implemented Order Optimizer, it would markedly improve the quality and cost of care.
While courts will probably decide the appropriateness of local government control over the Internet, it is interesting to note an incident from the Gold Rush period when government decided to intercede.
We assert in faith that those with God can intercede for us and we can call upon them.
The petitioner stands before Mary "sinful and sorrowful" and asks that she intercede with her Divine Son--perhaps as she did at the wedding feast at Cana.
We hope that in this spirit, he will intercede, overrule his bureaucrats, and make available the full documentation promised to, and required by these distinguished historians, if they are to be allowed to continue their search for truth.
Last week the Appellate Division denied Kalikow's request for appeal and the Council's request to intercede.
Intercede yesterday celebrated its transformation from IT middleman to being the supplier of its own cutting edge security software by revealing a major licensing deal worth pounds 570,000.
We have carefully reviewed each entry and are now very pleased to announce an exceptionally strong field of finalists, including Intercede.