interact with

interact with someone

to converse with and exchange ideas with someone. In act two, I want Terri to interact with Amy a little more. They act as if they never even met each other. The students will interact with one another in their study projects.

interact with something

to have a reciprocal action with something; to react with something. (Often refers to the negative consequences of interaction.) Witt this drug interact with coffee? This drug will not interact with your current medication.
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Through simulation, technology may provide students with authentic cultural experience through a manipulative virtual space, in which students can actively interact with virtual learning environment while engaging in different learning tasks.
These particles would give off no light and would interact with each other only slightly, through the weak nuclear force--the same force that governs, for example, the radioactive decay of atoms.
The creation of a new all purpose rubber, styrene-butadiene-nitrile rubber (SBNR), exploits especially the capacity of nitrile groups to interact with carbon black's high energetic sites or with the silanol groups of silica.
In either of these mirror worlds, particles would interact with each other by mirror forces.
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