interact with

interact with (someone or something)

1. To engage with someone. Turn off your video game and go interact with your cousins, please.
2. To interfere or react with something (often of drugs), triggering a negative effect on someone. Will this medication interact with anything else Mom's taking? Caffeine is known to interact with this drug and cause tachycardia.
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interact with someone

to converse with and exchange ideas with someone. In act two, I want Terri to interact with Amy a little more. They act as if they never even met each other. The students will interact with one another in their study projects.
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interact with something

to have a reciprocal action with something; to react with something. (Often refers to the negative consequences of interaction.) Witt this drug interact with coffee? This drug will not interact with your current medication.
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Among those who got a chance to interact with the team from Everton was nine-year old Betty Njeri who expressed joy and delight at having interacted with the players and development coaches from the EPL club.
She revealed previously that she tweets herself and that she does not have a social media team to do this for her, which makes it really easy to interact with her directly.
The team described how 20 goats interacted with images of positive (happy) and negative (angry) human facial expressions and found that they preferred to look and interact with the happy faces.
Researchers found that sleep deprivation triggered viral loneliness and made affected people less likely to interact with others.
The theory goes that at any one time we can interact with other people from the point of view of one of three parts that make up our personalities: the parent, the adult or the child.
Indian private sector IndusInd Bank (532187.BO) (INDUSINDBK.NS) has launched video-branch, said to be a first of its-kind service, enabling customers to interact with the bank's staff through video conference facility, the Economic Times has reported.
A PROBE committee set up to look at the Indian Premier League ( IPL) spot- fixing scandal will interact with a host of individuals, including banned pacer Sreesanth, Rajasthan Royals coowner Raj Kundra and commentator Harsha Bhogle.
"What we have done is create a special type of medium in which photons interact with each other so strongly that they act as though they have mass, and bind together to form molecules."
While there are those who do interact with their insurers--either by "liking" their Facebook pages, posting to their walls or following their insurers on Twitter--the heavy presence of auto insurers online has not yet convinced their audience to embrace those social media platforms, according to the study.
"Through these plays, which were specially commissioned for InterACT with the help of New Writing North, we delve into people's relationships and discover the world of the abused, the cheaters, the stubborn and the downright crazy - in four bite-size chunks.
Making eye contact, reading facial expressions, and listening and responding to voices are important ways that children with normal hearing and vision interact with caregivers.
These actual statements graphically illustrate the real-world experiences of law enforcement officers and the offenders they interact with on a daily basis.