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interact with (someone or something)

1. To engage with someone. Turn off your video game and go interact with your cousins, please.
2. To interfere or react with something (often of drugs), triggering a negative effect on someone. Will this medication interact with anything else Mom's taking? Caffeine is known to interact with this drug and cause tachycardia.
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interact with someone

to converse with and exchange ideas with someone. In act two, I want Terri to interact with Amy a little more. They act as if they never even met each other. The students will interact with one another in their study projects.
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interact with something

to have a reciprocal action with something; to react with something. (Often refers to the negative consequences of interaction.) Witt this drug interact with coffee? This drug will not interact with your current medication.
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Students revealed that being members of the Interact Club enables them to think about what can be done to promote the Rwandan society and the country in general.
'Increased data and intelligence means that Interact Pro can help SMEs make better decisions about how they make their businesses both more productive and a more pleasant place to work for their staff.'
The research data from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans showed that sleep deprivation tend to blunt parts of the brain that normally encourage people to socially interact.
| Pictured from left to right: Sam Brentnall (School Interact Leader), Robert Hall (Shepshed Rotary Club), Georgina Sothcott-Gilson (The Bridge), Paul Snape (The Bridge), Rosie Smith (Interact President), Jake Kinsey, Emily Lewis and Jake Aldridge.
In addition, data from authorised third-parties can also be analysed by Interact. For example, for a municipal authority, news articles and social media posts, reacting to a new lighting installation on a bridge, can be analysed and data sent to a social impact app dashboard that summarises the public sentiment.
Rohan, who passed away at the young age of 17 in 2014, loved volunteering for Special Olympics, and he was an integral part of making the HPHS Rotary Interact Club what it is today.
When we interact from the point of view of the parent we think, feel and behave in a way that mimics what we learned from our own parents or caregivers.
Aurionpro's Interact DX will enable the communication edge- by creating and delivering unified, personalised and consistent communication across channels along with Temenos' strong core banking platform -- T24.
Interact provides its intranet software solutions to more than 160 US-based customers through a new business pipeline.
Piedmont Healthcare has partnered with Interact to provide an intranet connection for Piedmont's 13,000 employees in Georgia, the company said.
The Interact Nonprofit Edition puts control in the user's hands, not IT's, resulting in unprecedented adoption across organizations.
Atlanta, GA, October 23, 2014 --( Locally owned Interact Art Museum (IAM) - Atlanta announced today that it will be holding its first ever pop-up exhibit titled “Beyond the Obvious” on October 25th - November 2nd at 482 Edgewood Ave.
Indian private sector IndusInd Bank (532187.BO) (INDUSINDBK.NS) has launched video-branch, said to be a first of its-kind service, enabling customers to interact with the bank's staff through video conference facility, the Economic Times has reported.
A PROBE committee set up to look at the Indian Premier League ( IPL) spot- fixing scandal will interact with a host of individuals, including banned pacer Sreesanth, Rajasthan Royals coowner Raj Kundra and commentator Harsha Bhogle.