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Such intentness is no less critical in the classrooms where immigrant children find themselves.
"The Indian gazed at the house, with that fierce intentness which sometimes glared, in a manner that had got to be, in its ordinary aspects, dull and besotted." This it is utterly impossible to comprehend.
This desire for relaxation and mood improvement would not go easily with activities that require effort, intentness, alertness, or heavy demands, as would be the case for many projected interactive uses of television.
From the window ledge the famous Stuffed pheasant, our mascot, without assigning blame, Eyes us with an idiot's vacant intentness. There's time for another round before starting home.
To quote North himself, music was not simply a favorite enjoyment, a "companion, and delight in all my solitudes as well as societys," but something much more, a congenial and challenging medium for his wide-ranging investigations of natural phenomena: "and as I ever bent my thoughts with more than ordinary intentness to search of truth in the way of physicks, it could not be expected, but I should take in my darling, as a subject to work upon" (quotations from Cursory Notes of Musicke, p.
cit., 68): "We can also ascertain that the intentness of the movements of the orbs of the eyes of all the visionaries is in perfect timing with each other at the beginning and end of the ecstasy."
Artful tripping is called heedful, not so much because the tripping involves action preceded by thought but because the behaviors patterned into the action of tripping suggest to the observer qualities such as "noticing, taking care, attending, applying one's mind, concentrating, putting one's heart into something, thinking what one is doing, alertness, interest, intentness, studying, and trying" (Ryle, 1949: 136).
Then, with great intentness, he says, "But it all wasn't a rosy picture by any means.
That night Margharita destroys the evidence: She took a stained photograph from her dressing-table and, holding it over the candle, burned it to nothing, her red lips meanwhile parted with the intentness of her occupation.
Yet Graham is, as the title also indicates, taking in the old headlines with utmost intentness; an elegant woman (posed by Graham's former partner, the artist Shannon Oksannen) has just walked past, though he shows no sign of having noticed her.
This intentness reveals their puzzlement--what out there could possibly be worth someone's attention and film?
In an extraordinary passage toward the end, McIlvaine, whose own soul has been permanently roiled by the events he has witnessed and suffered, dreams of Sartorius observing with terrifying intentness a child's boat struggling in a heavy sea that soon takes it under.
This new handbook is welcome for the author's intentness, her learning, and her obvious relish for the opera.
5 Giardini (Steve McQueen) Traduced as obvious and "phoned-in," but much the opposite: an isola of aesthetic intentness in a wan and soukish Venice Biennale.