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crash course (in something)

a short and intense training course in something. I took a crash course in ballroom dancing so we wouldn't look stupid on the dance floor.
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crash course

A short, intensive training course, as in Daisy planned to take a crash course in cooking before she got married. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
See also: course, crash


mod. serious; heavy. Oh, wow! Now that’s what I call intense!
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amp; on the other side I readily confess to you that he is occasionally & not unfrequently heavy & dull--& that Coleridge had an intenser genius" (BC, 6:75).
lt;pre> Our instinctive attitudes towards poetry were very dissimilar, he regarded it from the emotional, and I from the artistic side; and he was thus of a much intenser poetic temperament than I,.
In the next decade, Rutland devoted an almost hundred-page chapter to reviewing the relationship between Atalanta and the Greek tragedies, mentioning irony once, near the end, where he remarked that "an example of intenser irony would be hard to come by" (pp.
And the intenser the terror, the more tenuous the signs become.
n Ontwikkeling na loutering toe word gesuggereer, na 'n groeiende besef van die kosbaarheid van liefdevolle huweliks- en gesinsverhoudings, na 'n intenser waardering vir die gewoon-aardse.
They have been given tools for an intenser form of existence, but no feeling for their great historic duties; they have been hurriedly inoculated with the pride and power of modern instruments, but not with their spirit.
When she fades, it is in the brighter light of the chariot and its shape, which have "a cold glare, intenser than the noon / But icy cold, [which] obscured with .
Intenser, trained by Brendan Duke for Jackie Bolger, took the 7f nursery under Ronan Whelan, scoring by a length and a half.
The pair are represented by Suanna Belle in the nursery and, on his latest outing, he bumped into Intenser when second in the first nursery of the season at The Curragh.
Brendan Duke came in from the wilderness last Sunday after a spell without a winner when Intenser landed a contest at a fancy address in The Curragh.
and even if one should suddenly hold me to his heart I would fade back, touching his intenser existence.
PVDF/PVA blend membrane has intenser and wider peaks at 3300-3400 [cm.
For his part, the teacher recognizes and encourages the fire in the student, and responds to it by burning with an intenser light.