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slang Serious or severe, perhaps to an overwhelming degree. That war movie was way too intense—I had to turn it off. Whoa, that accident sounds intense! Are you OK?

crash course (in something)

a short and intense training course in something. I took a crash course in ballroom dancing so we wouldn't look stupid on the dance floor.
See also: course, crash

crash course

A short, intensive training course, as in Daisy planned to take a crash course in cooking before she got married. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
See also: course, crash


mod. serious; heavy. Oh, wow! Now that’s what I call intense!
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( In the study, the scientists discovered that having mice under intense light conditions for one week "robustly enhances cardio protection." This action also resulted in a dramatic reduction of cardiac tissue damage after a heart attack.
The scientists discovered that housing mice under intense light conditions for one week `robustly enhances cardioprotection', which resulted in a dramatic reduction of cardiac tissue damage after a heart attack.
These patterns of strong AR landfalls provide clear perspectives regarding the likelihoods of recurrence of the most intense AR storms that have reached the West Coast.
Most special among this activity was meeting of internationally famous celebrity Sanam Saeed with women and media; Sanam Saeed is also Brand Ambassador of Olivia Intense, and shared her experience and product attributes with women.
Within the next three hours, Quezon, Laguna and Batangas will also experience heavy to intense rain showers.
These should include vigorously intense aerobic activities for muscle and bone strengthening, at least three times a week
M-class flares are a tenth the size of the most intense flares, the X-class flares.
"I think the last game in November was intense," he said.
27 May 2015 - US-based electrical building systems maker Leviton has acquired US-based LED luminaires manufacturer Intense Lighting, LLC, the company said on Wednesday.
I WAS having a really intense relationship with a guy who had just come out of a long-term commitment.
Secunderabad, India, January 29, 2014 --( Intense Technologies reported net revenues of Rs.
ISLAMABAD -- The intense low pressure of sui gas in sector F-6 is creating immense problems and agitation among the residents of the area and they have threaten to stage protest demonstration against the situation.
Lyc-O-Beta[TM] Intense and BetaCote[TM] Intense deliver increased colour intensity allowing lor lower colourant usage.
(60) Intense, intense, d'un intense tel qu'il en est devenu
Davina: INTENSE DAVINA'S latest workout is based on High Intensity Training - getting your heart rate up really high for short bursts, which is great for fitness, toning and fat-burning.