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intend (something) as (something)

To aim or plan for something to act as something in particular. I think she intended this measly card as a birthday gift—how rude.
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intend (something) for (someone or something)

To aim or plan for someone or something to receive something in particular. I intended this birthday card for you—until the dog chewed on it, that is.
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intend something as something

to mean something to serve as something. We intend this money as a gift. Do not even think about paying it back. This money is intended as a gift.
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intend something for someone or something

to mean for someone or something to get something. I intended this one for you. I'm sorry I failed to give it to you in time. Aunt Em intended this cake for the county fair, but you can have it instead.
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The toll free help line have received 552 calls for guidance and help and 12 filed dispensaries were working to provide free medical facilities to intending pilgrims.
Intending pilgrims have been asked to reach Hajj camps two days ahead of their departure schedule.
Malam Bashir said intending pilgrims from the territory would be departing the country to the city of Madinah aboard a Flynas airline, which is the official carrier assigned to the territory by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) for this year.
CEO PIA, Air Marshal Arshad Malik will see off the intending pilgrims of the first Pre Hajj Flight from Islamabad.
All light vehicles intending to use the northbound lane of Roxas Blvd.
The delegation will visit Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi airports to review arrangements there for immigration of Pakistani intending Hujjaj before their boarding a plane for Saudi Arabia for Hajj-2019.
This includes nearly 28,138 intending pilgrims through Hajj flights and 39,906 intending pilgrims through regularly scheduled flights.
ISLAMABAD:Intending pilgrims coming from different parts of the country to reside in Haji camp Islamabad Thursday complaint facing immense problems due to the absence of basic facilities in the camp, said a group of intending pilgrims.
Among male participants, the only psychosocial indicator that remained significant was the level of importance placed on sex in a relationship: Men's odds of intending to delay sex with main partners for at least two months decreased as the importance of sex increased (odds ratio, 0.4).
In November 2001, the IRS issued proposed regulations intending to clarify the current law in this area.
As well as intending to enhance the prestige of the host countries, and to boost their economies, expos have always had a cultural dimension.
Often, the question boils down to whether the federal government intended to completely eliminate state regulation, for example, by intending a uniform national system of regulation (e.g., 21 C.F.R.
This refers to the period before the SBJPA, when the IRS did not have the authority to grant relief (because of an invalid S election) to a corporation intending to be an S corporation.
For example, the presence of an intention contrary to marriage at the time of the wedding, such as not intending to be faithful to one's spouse or not intending to have children would be grounds for an annulment, Slowinski says.
Reasons for intending are the psychological states which rationalise and explain our intentions.