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intend (something) as (something)

To aim or plan for something to act as something in particular. I think she intended this measly card as a birthday gift—how rude.
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intend (something) for (someone or something)

To aim or plan for someone or something to receive something in particular. I intended this birthday card for you—until the dog chewed on it, that is.
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Mrs Deborah having succeeded beyond her hopes in her inquiry, returned with much triumph, and, at the appointed hour, made a faithful report to Mr Allworthy, who was much surprized at the relation; for he had heard of the extraordinary parts and improvements of this girl, whom he intended to have given in marriage, together with a small living, to a neighbouring curate.
Not for some time would Johnny answer this question, and then only when Kennan told him that there was no harm done and that he intended to let the black go.
My bed was the same dry grass and sea-weed which I intended for fuel.
The words of De Montfort, which he had overheard at the dock, convinced him that here was one more obstacle to the fulfillment of his revenge which must be removed as had the Lady Maud; but in this instance there was neither youth nor beauty to plead the cause of the intended victim, or to cause the grim executioner a pang of remorse.
It consisted of an arched compartment in the centres with a square and small division on either side, the whole incased in heavy frames, deeply and laboriously moulded in pine-wood, and lighted with a vast number of blurred and green-looking glass of those dimensions which are commonly called ”eight by ten.” Blinds, that were intended to be painted green, kept the window in a state of preservation, and probably might have contributed to the effect of the whole, had not the failure in the public funds, which seems always to be incidental to any undertaking of this kind, left them in the sombre coat of lead-color with which they had been originally clothed.
Jones affirmed to be an admirable resemblance of a great favorite of the epicures in that country, which bore the title of “lake-fish,” and doubtless the assertion was true; for, although intended to answer the purposes of a weathercock, the fish was observed invariably to look with a longing eye in the direction of the beautiful sheet of water that lay imbedded in the mountains of Templeton.
The upper part of the building was in one apartment, and was intended for gala-days and exhibitions; and the lower contained two rooms that were intended for the great divisions of education, viz., the Latin and the English scholars.
The General on hearing of this further intended outrage, showed the white feather.
I have not so much as begun my explanations to the Baron, and you are altogether ignorant as to the form and time which my intended procedure is likely to assume.
)ISLAMABAD After setting up his premise on the idea that upholding mother's lineage or taking one's surname from her is an act that is worthy of shame, confused narr ka bacha on Thursday repeatedly used the father's name of his intended target as an ostensible insult.The move left both his backers and detractors confused as to what the veteran narr ka bacha intended to achieve, forcing observers to laud and condemn his words by cherry picking what he had actually done in the midst of hundreds of onlookers.
The Materials Science Division of DowDuPont announced that the Materials Advisory Committee of the DowDuPont Board of Directors, intends to appoint Jim Fitterling, currently COO for the Materials Science Division of DowDuPont, and President and COO of The Dow Chemical Company, to the role of CEO of the intended Materials Science Company to be called Dow, as announced on Feb.
Piers 7 through 12 are the subject of an overall planning effort intended to sustain and enhance Red Hook's maritime identity with the introduction of new economic development opportunities, improved transportation on water and land, new waterfront access, and strengthened connections between upland neighborhoods and the water's edge.
O intends to use the vehicle in its charitable activities, and the intended use is a significant intervening use within the meaning of Section 7.01(1).
It suggests that in a subject whose core intended learning outcomes are based on oral, aural and written language skills, achievement by dyslexic students will be facilitated by a well-planned session that is multi-sensory and incorporates adjustments to the benefit of every student, whilst taking into account issues of sensitivity and discretion.