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intend something as something

to mean something to serve as something. We intend this money as a gift. Do not even think about paying it back. This money is intended as a gift.
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intend something for someone or something

to mean for someone or something to get something. I intended this one for you. I'm sorry I failed to give it to you in time. Aunt Em intended this cake for the county fair, but you can have it instead.
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Two people who intend to marry intend to give themselves to one another not partially, but entirely.
Therefore, while the company did not intend to benefit the conman, it did intend to lose the equipment.
I intend to remain a United States senator,'' swears Sen.
What we see more of now are people who don't intend the marriage to be a permanent commitment" he says.
June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- USWeb/CKS (Nasdaq: USWB), the leading strategic Internet and marketing communications firm, today announced that it has collaborated on and invested in the formation of Intend Change, a new venture construction firm launched today by USWeb co-founders Toby Corey and Joe Firmage.
The insured argued that although he intended to strike the man, he did not intend to cause the severe injuries that resulted.
We intend to conduct our Phase 3 clinical trials for SinuNase and, through our majority-owned subsidiary, Biovest International Inc, BiovaxID, and aggressively pursue regulatory approvals for both products in the U.
Once our debt is satisfied, we intend on exploring various options on how we might benefit our shareholders including possible distributions and dividends.
Furthermore, we intend to retain approximately 10% of the ordinary REIT taxable income we earn during 2006, and we also intend to retain the income we earned at our taxable subsidiaries.
Patriot and One Earth intend to construct ethanol manufacturing facilities with annual production capacity of 100 million gallons each.
The Company intends to engage in discussions with parties who sign confidentiality agreements and does not intend to further disclose developments with respect to this process unless and until an agreement in principle or a definitive agreement has been reached.
TargETFund Core is intended for people who are retired or expect to retire in a short period of time or otherwise intend to seek withdrawals from invested assets.
NASDAQ: TRMP) and Diamondhead Casino Corporation (OTCBB: DHCC) announced today that they have signed a letter of intent pursuant to which the parties intend to form a joint venture partnership to develop, build and operate a destination casino resort in Diamondhead, Mississippi.
The President intends to appoint Joan Breton Connelly of New York (Archaeology), for the remainder of a three-year term expiring April 4, 2003, and an additional term expiring April 4, 2006.
Under this rule, established by a federal court in 1968, an accountant who audits or prepares financial information for a client owes a duty not only to that client but also to any other person or one of a group of persons whom the accountant or client intends the reformation to benefit, if both of the following conditions are met: