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integrate someone or something into something

to combine someone or something into something; to work someone or something into something. We sought to integrate Amy into the everyday affairs of the company. We sought to integrate the new family into the ways of the community.
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integrate someone with someone

to mix people together; to unify people into one group. The new regional YMCA will help Hispanics integrate with others in our community. They integrated themselves with the people already in attendance.
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integrate something with something

to merge things together; to join things into one. I want to integrate the accounting department with the auditing department to save a little money. They integrated your department with mine.
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Research Question 3 Does integrating the mathematics curriculum with the science curriculum improve sixth grade students' mean scores of the value of mathematics in society as measured by IMAS?
Integrating mammography with a sophisticated PACS and RIS (radiology information system) makes possible significant gains in productivity and profitability, and provides clinical benefits, as well.
After reviewing our options, MDI's proven history with integrating systems for large customers gave us confidence in choosing SAFEnet as the right solution for this customer," he added.
The combined solution will allow companies to derive immediate benefits by integrating disparate video systems -- streaming, video conferencing, IPTV and other applications -- into a single, converged solution that opens up new possibilities for enterprise collaborative communications.
Hence, the need of the hour is an affordable, integrated physician practice management system (PPMS) capable of streamlining the extensive data security requirements of hospitals and physicians by integrating both clinical care and billing & claims solutions.
By integrating the central operating hub for the wafer within standard fab equipment, the Integrated Wafer can be deployed robotically, easily traveling through the fab with limited contamination risk.
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