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integrate someone or something into something

to combine someone or something into something; to work someone or something into something. We sought to integrate Amy into the everyday affairs of the company. We sought to integrate the new family into the ways of the community.
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integrate someone with someone

to mix people together; to unify people into one group. The new regional YMCA will help Hispanics integrate with others in our community. They integrated themselves with the people already in attendance.
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integrate something with something

to merge things together; to join things into one. I want to integrate the accounting department with the auditing department to save a little money. They integrated your department with mine.
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OnviCenter Product Portfolio offers a highly affordable and easy-to-use suite of products and applications designed to effectively integrate and optimize customer interactions for call centers and enterprises, including voice and data applications, call handling, workforce and performance management and an expanded set of call center enterprise business applications.
This software integrates CT into the cath lab by allowing 3D CT images to be transferred to the Philips Allura Xper FD cardiovascular X-ray system for improved visualization and treatment planning.
CRM is a module that integrates with EnterpriseIQ to enable manufacturers to effectively and profitably manage customer relationships within the same integrated database as their ERP system.
The iGateway SecureICP solution integrates an ICSA certified stateful packet inspection Firewall including a unique Cyberdefense engine, NAT support, application content filtering and extensive application layer gateway (ALG) support including a SIP proxy/application layer gateway for soft clients behind NAT.
New Supply Chain Platform Integrates Supply Chain Execution,
Scholar integrates design capture with our circuit simulation environment, and schematic driven layout," said Ken Brock, vice president of marketing at Silvaco.
New features include consolidation of multiple desktop and telephony applications into one, integrated window from which agents and supervisors control their most common and essential tasks; an integrated browser window that integrates telephony data and web-based enterprise applications seamlessly via a new action within the product's patented workflow administration; and expanded real-time reporting and chat capabilities for agents and supervisors.
Sphericall 4 fully integrates the key communication mediums used in business today, including voice, video, text messaging, and unified messaging.
The system is unique in that it manages the specification at the data level, integrates with other enterprise systems and the artwork creation process, and feeds production of the final package, all in a Web-based environment.
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