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integrate someone or something into something

to combine someone or something into something; to work someone or something into something. We sought to integrate Amy into the everyday affairs of the company. We sought to integrate the new family into the ways of the community.
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integrate someone with someone

to mix people together; to unify people into one group. The new regional YMCA will help Hispanics integrate with others in our community. They integrated themselves with the people already in attendance.
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integrate something with something

to merge things together; to join things into one. I want to integrate the accounting department with the auditing department to save a little money. They integrated your department with mine.
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According to the Locker Associates report, while integrated and electric arc furnaces reduced their outputs when demand softened, integrated mills reacted more aggressively to weaker flat-roll demand, which marked a major shift in their overall strategy.
The students placed in the integrated mathematics/science classes were also placed into integrated language arts and social studies classes.
The University of California and the California State University as well as all other colleges and universities should immediately withdraw approval of integrated science as a substitute for the standard courses until it is proved that there is uniform quality and substance to LAUSD's integrated science offerings.
An integrated system allows the organization to pursue economies of scale and program implementation that meet these objectives.
But planning a program of integrated pest management was far easier than instituting it among Indonesia's 2.
HIS is deploying Covad ClearEdge Integrated Access in key locations where it serves the communication needs of businesses in the fields of aerospace, energy, hotel, retail, and financial services.
Danjczek, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association, Washington, an association of electric arc furnace (EAF) steel companies, sees the importance of the federal government strengthening and enforcing the 201 steel tariffs passed last year as one step to protect both integrated and EAF mini-mill steel companies.
Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Integrated Mobile is a leading managed wireless services company that uses Six Sigma methodology to globally deliver a proven, end-to-end management solution for the enterprise's entire wireless lifecycle, including device fulfillment and configuration, training, asset management, bill optimization, reporting and 24/7 end-user support.
By offering a comprehensive solution, partners such as Abacus Data Systems have the ability to turn to one source for all of their integrated payment processing needs.
Integrated Facilities Management Market: Industry Challenges and Time- frame Analysis (Europe), 2005- 2011
Through the partnership, Integrated Healthcare and Health Savings Technology will be able to simplify the consumer experience and eliminate one of the major barriers to CDHP growth.
Our two-prong strategy of in-house development and various acquisitions will remain key to our objective of providing cost effective, integrated and bundled solutions," said Ray S.
New system options allow for a more tightly integrated cath lab, which reduces the risk for errors, provides more efficient patient care, adds clinical value and simplifies cardiology workflow, while allowing for better management of complex procedures.
Integrated Healthcare is at the forefront of the Health Savings Accounts movement in our industry," states Daniel Boisvert, Integrated Healthcare president.
The MAP-330 Integrated Sensor/AP is part of the Colubris Intelligent Mobility System (CIMS), an optimized WLAN switching system that provides high performance client access with integrated best-of-breed RF security.
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