integrate into

integrate into (something)

To factor in or incorporate as a necessary element of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "integrate" and "into." Your bonuses and potential overtime pay are not integrated into your gross salary calculations. We'll have to integrate potential environmental impacts into our plans for the new factory. Do you think Sam will be able to integrate himself into the group? He can be pretty standoffish.
See also: integrate

integrate someone or something into something

to combine someone or something into something; to work someone or something into something. We sought to integrate Amy into the everyday affairs of the company. We sought to integrate the new family into the ways of the community.
See also: integrate
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* Developing technologies that integrate into FORCENet and emerging operational concepts
"All of the software is available depending on what the client's specific needs are in the individual divisions, but they can all integrate into the same general ledger at the end of the day," Machon says.
Almost six years ago, writing in an article entitled, "The New World of Managed Care: Creating Organized Delivery Systems," Steven Shortell et al concluded that providers would integrate into new delivery systems that would combine insurance and health services.
And that is fine--we do not want to spend millions replacing older systems when they and the BEA can be adapted to integrate into a cohesive DoD network.