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integrate someone or something into something

to combine someone or something into something; to work someone or something into something. We sought to integrate Amy into the everyday affairs of the company. We sought to integrate the new family into the ways of the community.
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integrate someone with someone

to mix people together; to unify people into one group. The new regional YMCA will help Hispanics integrate with others in our community. They integrated themselves with the people already in attendance.
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integrate something with something

to merge things together; to join things into one. I want to integrate the accounting department with the auditing department to save a little money. They integrated your department with mine.
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This software integrates CT into the cath lab by allowing 3D CT images to be transferred to the Philips Allura Xper FD cardiovascular X-ray system for improved visualization and treatment planning.
PPI is dedicated to providing partners with merchant account services along with all the technology and support services needed to integrate, test and deploy a seamless payment solution," said Tim Murray, director of strategic partnerships at PPI.
It moves on to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of Basel II and explains ways for you to integrate these sources of financial risk into this regulatory framework.
PPI provided us with a comprehensive solution that allowed us to easily integrate payment processing into our applications," said Jeff Green, President for Tyler's EDEN products.
Red Hat will tightly integrate virtualization capabilities with its operating system and ensure all aspects of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform, from management tools and installation to software management, will enable customers to deploy virtualized environments easily and effectively.
DR Systems' unified RIS/PACS integrates numerous tools to improve financial performance and productivity, including: client-server distribution and Web-based distribution; patented, automated hanging protocols for radiologists; and the report format preferences of individual referring physicians.