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insure (someone or something) with (something)

To buy insurance for someone or something from a particular company (named after "with"). I insured my new car with Smith Insurance after my parents suggested it.
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insure against (something)

To protect someone or something against something. One policy can't insure against every issue you'll encounter with your business, you know.
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insure against something

to guard or protect against something. You must insure against theft and fire. I will insure against all risks.
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insure someone or something (against something) (for something)

to provide insurance for someone or something against certain perils up to a certain amount of money. I insured my wife against accidental death for $100,000. We insured the car for its current value against all losses.

insure someone or something with something

to provide insurance for someone or something from a specific company. I insured Amy with a fine old insurance company. We insured the car with Acme Insurance in Adamsville.
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A dollar or two should be added to the price usually paid for Janie's shoes, which would insure their lasting an appreciable time longer than they usually did.
To insure steady motion, one tourist and one native walked together.
The relative situation of these States; the number of rivers with which they are intersected, and of bays that wash there shores; the facility of communication in every direction; the affinity of language and manners; the familiar habits of intercourse; -- all these are circumstances that would conspire to render an illicit trade between them a matter of little difficulty, and would insure frequent evasions of the commercial regulations of each other.
These officers said they would take it upon themselves to insure us a cordial reception.
But an employer that self insures will face extra complexity and exposure to new risks and greater amounts of risk, and an employer that wants to return to offering traditional health insurance may have trouble changing back, Fleet said.
True "self-insurance" involves a pure risk retention approach under which a company elects to assume full responsibility for any losses that may arise and insures none of its potential liability with a third party.
Insurance company Insco insures a technology company that makes parts for computers.
Some buildings may have a large plate-glass window that the lessee is required to insure, while the property owner insures the rest of the building.
Every standard Owners Policy insures as of the date of the policy, not exceeding the amount of Insurance, for any loss sustained or incurred by the insured for the following reasons:
The lessee's BAP insures the leased auto and names the lessor as an additional insured.