insure against

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insure against (something)

To protect someone or something against something. One policy can't insure against every issue you'll encounter with your business, you know.
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insure against something

to guard or protect against something. You must insure against theft and fire. I will insure against all risks.
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to insure against repeat of and bust to insure against repeat of and bust Help to Buy has had its critics from the start, and recently, even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged ministers to consider an early end to the scheme.
Liability policies, on the other hand, insure against loss arising out of legal liability, usually based upon the assured's negligence.
The Coalition to Insure Against Terrorism represents a wide range of businesses and other organizations throughout the real estate, manufacturing, utility, construction, transportation, entertainment and retail sectors.
The new programmes insure against small wear and tear items to the exterior and interior of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
MALCOLM GRAY, chief executive of WBX, will be a bag of nerves when Go Native runs in the Champion Hurdle on Tuesday after deciding not to insure against paying out the betting exchange's pounds 1 million 'triple crown' bonus, writes Graham Green.
The levy was originally proposed to insure against future financial crises.
Summary: Britain has called for consideration of a global tax on financial transactions to insure against another crisis
Such a course could lead to the FDIC setting up banks for the very failures that the agency can't afford to insure against. Of course, the current administration would be only too happy to bail out these banks, but having the FDIC to blame for the bailout would almost undoubtedly push taxpayer tolerance beyond the breaking point.
Peter Hodgins, a lawyer specialising in Islamic insurance at law firm Clyde & Company said Islamic insurance, or takaful, products could help reconcile the need for sukuk to comply with these requirements and investors' need to insure against risks.
Under the medical liability law, it is now mandatory for all doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists in the private sector to insure against medical negligence and errors,o he said.
Burgess believes that in an economic downturn, it is more important to insure against loss of income than against accident and sickness.
A borrower owing pounds 100,000 with 20 years of repayments to go could insure against a rate rise exceeding one per cent for pounds 39 per month on a repayment mortgage and pounds 53 (interestonly); with 25 years of repayments ahead, the cost is pounds 42 and pounds 53 respectively.
Leamington-based Towergate Financial Services of Leamington says firms insure against fire and theft but many do not make any provision should a key person in the organisation die or suffer critical illness.
BP plc, the oil giant, has effectively gone without catastrophic insurance for many years, electing to insure against small risks whose claims are highly likely to be paid and use its equity base--billions of dollars--as a cushion against cataclysmic events.
They insure against it--in this case, using the living benefit riders available at an additional cost from one of today's variable annuity contracts.