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insure (someone or something) with (something)

To buy insurance for someone or something from a particular company (named after "with"). I insured my new car with Smith Insurance after my parents suggested it.
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insure against (something)

To protect someone or something against something. One policy can't insure against every issue you'll encounter with your business, you know.
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insure against something

to guard or protect against something. You must insure against theft and fire. I will insure against all risks.
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insure someone or something (against something) (for something)

to provide insurance for someone or something against certain perils up to a certain amount of money. I insured my wife against accidental death for $100,000. We insured the car for its current value against all losses.

insure someone or something with something

to provide insurance for someone or something from a specific company. I insured Amy with a fine old insurance company. We insured the car with Acme Insurance in Adamsville.
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Review in-force policies and insurability reserve annually.
Experience indicates that carriers use several key factors to determine insurability. (See chart on page 23 for examples.)
In an effort to provide additional guidance on the subject, the Aon and DLA Piper report The Price of Data Security reviewed the insurability of GDPR fines across Europe.
Vitana offers customers improved data security as it performs parametric underwriting on the customer's mobile device, meaning the insurance company doesn't require access to the underlying medical data to confirm insurability. Vitana was built with partners: SwissRe, which helped drive product design and reinsure the risk; Cognizant, which provided the underlying technology and blockchain expertise; and Vault Dragon, an electronic medical records provider which supported on-the-ground implementation with forward-thinking doctors and clinics.
Guaranteed Insurability Rider--With this type of rider on a policy, the insured is able to reserve the right to buy a specific amount of insurance coverage on certain future dates at standard rates, without a medical exam.
The discrepancy stemmed from some technicalities in the policy: For anything more than $100,000 in supplemental coverage, an employee needed to submit further information to verify insurability. According to the CIGNA Defendants' records, they never received that additional required information from Steven, so he was never approved.<br />Admitting that its process led to errors in Steven's case, UCG offered to refund Gordon the excess premiums deducted from her late husband's pay.
In The Edge of Insurability, Best's Review examines the shift away from tangible assets to an economy that deals in intangibles, and what insurers are doing to address these issues.
Ask them to restore mortgage insurability to the private sector.
Thankfully, a term policy with the option to convert or exchange to a permanent policy can help younger clients who want to lock in insurability now, with the flexibility to adapt as their life changes.
For an additional premium, Advantage Plus also offers a variety of riders to increase death benefit or provide living benefits: 10 and 20-year Term Riders, Guaranteed Insurability Rider, Children's Term Rider, Accidental Death Rider, Waiver of Premium Rider, and Disability Income Rider (Accident Only).
There are indicators in insurability that derive from education level, smoking, weight, occupation, and the like.
The items of special importance when evaluating AL policies are the adjustment provisions and the commonly offered guaranteed insurability options.
Insurability is another reason to consider life insurance when you're single.
Munich Re is also eyeing the insurability of risks that are not yet, or not yet adequately, covered in the market, such as the risks of cyber attacks, business interruption, or damage to reputation, it said.
That data is used to determine safety ratings that can "affect insurability, reputation and frequency of future inspections," Little said.