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add insult to injury

To exacerbate an already problematic situation in a way that is humiliating; to make someone who has just experienced injury or defeat feel worse about the situation with one's words. A: "Well, it's not like you were having a great season before you broke your leg." B: "Thanks for adding insult to injury." I was already late for work and, to add insult to injury, I spilled coffee all over myself.
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fire questions at (one)

To rapidly ask one questions. Can you please not fire questions at me as soon as I get home from work?
See also: fire, question

fire insults at (one)

To insult one in rapid succession. That bully is constantly firing insults at the other kids in class.
See also: fire, insult

hurl insults (at one)

To insult one in rapid succession. That bully is constantly hurling insults at the other kids in class.
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add insult to injury

Fig. Cliché to make a bad situation worse; to hurt the feelings of a person who has already been hurt. First, the basement flooded, and then, to add insult to injury, a pipe burst in the kitchen. My car barely started this morning, and to add insult to injury, I got a flat tire in the driveway.
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hurl insults (at someone)

 and throw insults (at someone)
Fig. to direct insults at someone; to say something insulting directly to someone. Anne hurled an insult at Bob that made him very angry. If you two would stop throwing insults, we could have a serious discussion.
See also: hurl, insult

throw insults

(at someone) Go to hurl insults (at someone).
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trade insults (with someone)

to take turns with someone in mutual insulting. We traded insults with each other for a while and then settled down to some serious discussions of our differences.
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add insult to injury

Hurt a person's feelings after doing him or her harm; also, make a bad situation worse. For example, Not only did the club refuse him, but it published a list of the rejected applicants-that's adding insult to injury , or The nearest parking space was half a mile away, and then, to add insult to injury, it began to pour : The phrase is an ancient one, even older than its often cited use in the Roman writer Phaedrus's fable of the bald man and the fly. A fly bit the head of a bald man, who, trying to crush it, gave himself a heavy blow. The fly then jeered, "You want to avenge an insect's sting with death; what will you do to yourself, who have added insult to injury?" In English it was first recorded in 1748.
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add insult to injury

COMMON If someone or something adds insult to injury, they make a bad situation worse by doing or causing another bad thing. She stood there and made him wash every part of his body. She then added insult to injury by trimming his hair and making him wear a linen shirt several sizes too big for him. Birth is such a shock, and what usually follows adds insult to injury. The poor little thing is held upside down and slapped. Note: You can use to add insult to injury or adding insult to injury to introduce a further unpleasant thing that has happened and that you are reporting. The driver of the car that killed Simon Collins got away with a £250 fine. To add insult to injury, he drove away from court in his own car.
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add insult to injury

do or say something that makes a bad or displeasing situation even worse.
This phrase comes from Edward Moore's play The Foundling ( 1748 ): ‘This is adding insult to injuries’.
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add ˌinsult to ˈinjury

make a bad relationship with somebody worse by offending them even more: She forgot to send me an invitation to her party and then added insult to injury by asking to borrow my jacket!
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fire ˈquestions, ˈinsults, etc. at somebody

ask somebody a lot of questions one after another or make a lot of comments very quickly: The room was full of journalists, all firing questions at them.
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add insult to injury, to

To make harm worse by adding humiliation. The phrase has been traced to a Greek fable about a bald man. Trying to kill a fly on his head, he misses and hits himself very hard, and the fly replies, “You wanted to kill me for merely landing on you; what will you do to yourself now that you have added insult to injury?” It has since been applied to countless situations by as many writers, and has long been a cliché.
See also: add, insult
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But the nature of the insult also says a lot about the insulter.
To protect this sovereignty, it was a crime to insult the Head of State.
'If they want to insult anyone, they have to do research to find out if there is a law on it.
Russian football commentator Vasily Utkin has insulted FIFA referee Ravshan Irmatov on his Twitter page.
"The Insult" premiered in the main competition of the Venice International Film Festival in August, 2017, where (in another first) co-star, Palestinian actor Kamel El Basha, picked up the best actor prize.
Human Rights Watch has documented a pattern of cases against people who filed a complaint or announced their intention to do so, after police officers allegedly insulted, arbitrary arrested, or assaulted them.
In our earlier pilot study, we showed that nursing interventions (oral care, repositioning, endotracheal suctioning, hygienic measures, and simultaneous measures) started a secondary insult with ICP of greater than 20 mm Hg in 5%, CPP of less than 60 mm Hg in 3%, and systolic blood pressure of less than 100 mm Hg in 1 % of the cases.
Sadr dismissed allegations that the picture was an insult to Islamic sanctity.
No sooner had Chris Gayle brought shame on the game with his unprofessional sexist comments, than our new golden boy, Ben Stokes, allegedly directs foul mouthed insults at Temba Bavuma.
"We attempted to clamp him down, but he refused to use the breathalyser and started to insult us.
The new Anti-Discrimination Law will be brought in next month and is aimed at targeting 'extremists' who insult both religions and worshippers.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Those who insult Islam through various means, like the publishing of the sacrilegious cartoon of Islam's Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) published by French weekly Charlie Hebdo, embark on such moves because they are afraid of the rapid spread of Islam, a presidential advisor of former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said.
Those, who used to insult others have become tolerant while those who were insulted in the past are taking their revenge.
The Government of the Republic of Macedonia condemns the hate speech, same as it condemns the attempt for libel and insult, and this is a stance that we have repeated many times, reads the Government's press-release in connection to the statement by German Ambassador to Macedonia Gudrun Steinacker released for some media which reacted over the Macedonian Government's alleged failure to react for the presence of hate speech, insult and slander toward certain people, TV Sitel reported.