insulate against

insulate someone or something against someone or something

 and insulate someone or something from someone or something
to protect someone or something against the effect of someone or something. Use an extra blanket to insulate the baby against the cold. John is a bad influence on the children, and I've taken care to insulate them against him. We insulated the children from the effects of John and his bad habits.
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Superior also maintains very low debt levels, which should further help to insulate against any negative developments.
It has a thick bottom later and a thinner top layer, and is designed to absorb body heat quickly and insulate against the cold.
To better insulate against cold and heat, and improve long-term performance, consider upgrading to a fiberglass door.
Each container in our system will be assembled into a hut with a metal frame and sandwiched panels to insulate against extreme heat and cold weather.
In many markets, there remains a healthy spread between cap rates and the cost of capital, which continues to fuel optimism and demand for product, but also helps to insulate against broader risks to the markets should interest rates rise later in 2015," said Brian Ward, President, Capital Markets & Investment Services | Americas at Colliers International.
The metallic enclosures further insulate against ambient noise.
A number of foreign companies have invested in assembly lines in Russia in recent years, both to insulate against swings in the value of the ruble and offer models adapted to the local climate and tastes.
Besides responsive insurance solutions, businesses can also take steps to insulate against severe weather from within the organization.
The soft-close doors shut almost silently thanks to the standard assisted-closing feature, whilst windows are designed to insulate against noise and heat.
They can insulate against heat, cold or electricity.
While we expect that energy-conserving walls and ceilings will dramatically insulate against heat loss and block direct solar radiation knowledgeable building managers and project developers anticipate far less in the way of energy conservation from even the most energy efficient windows.
Analysts have said Novartis, which is buying Alcon to diversify and insulate against losing patent protection on big selling medicines, such as blood pressure drug Diovan, is paying too much and have criticized the deal's complicated structure.
Plant so the crown of branches is at soil level then cover all the stems with excess soil for two weeks to insulate against drying out.
But it is not possible to fully insulate against these kinds of world oil prices.
They can't insulate against someone who wants to leave their windows open on a warm evening.