insulate against

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insulate someone or something against someone or something

 and insulate someone or something from someone or something
to protect someone or something against the effect of someone or something. Use an extra blanket to insulate the baby against the cold. John is a bad influence on the children, and I've taken care to insulate them against him. We insulated the children from the effects of John and his bad habits.
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However, the work is likely to cost several thousand pounds, rather than the few hundred, or less, it costs to insulate a loft or cavity walls.
Will the materials you tested insulate as well when wet?
Reduced weather impact: Shaw Pipe will insulate the pipe indoors, eliminating weather-related schedule delays.
Industrial and UL-approved Thermazone series has a stainless-steel grid on the face to concentrate heat and insulate from natural convective air currents.
the worldwide innovator of high performance, energy-saving films and glass products, announced today the ability of Heat Mirror[R] insulating glass to insulate against heat loss at a record breaking R-20/U-0.
DENVER -- As a result of listening to input from the independent insulation contractor, Johns Manville and Insulate America have partnered to meet strong demand in the market for house wrap as a new value-added service from insulation contractors.