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instrumental in doing something

playing an important part in doing something. John was instrumental in getting the contract to build the new building. Our senator was instrumental in defeating the bill.
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El Maestro contains fifty-two instrumental pieces and twenty-two songs - some in two versions.
Toward this end, we predicted that some specific individual and demographic factors (for example, dealing with abilities, goals, self-confidence, age and gender) largely can explain differences in flow proneness among instrumental musicians.
Featured teachers: Various composition, instrumental and vocal faculty members.
Conclusion: Instrumental vaginal delivery was found to be safe and is the best substitute of the caesarean sections.
Singer-songwriter duo Unleashed Dreams (Lindsey Gaye Walker and Sean Michael Paddison), present their debut album Dare to Dream, featuring both vocal and instrumental pieces.
Public venues, when faced with decisions on how to maximize the utility of their resources, often privilege instrumental uses-such as applying for a job or training for future employment.
The major purpose of this study was to investigate the connection of motivational factors in terms of instrumental and integrative motivation with Second language acquisition.
bevan's heaven with bev bevan's heaven with bev bevan VARIOUS ARTISTS Teen Beat Vol 1 & 2 (Ace) ) INSTRUMENTAL records were hugely popular in the late 50s and early 60s, and regularly hit the pop singles charts on both sides of the pond.
1 : acting to get something done <He was instrumental in organizing the club.
Category: Contemporary Blues/Rock Instrumental Independent Release http://www.
The Instrumental Consort Repertory of the Later Fifteenth Century.
UK) examines the repertoire of late fifteenth-century instrumental consorts.
From the academy to the practice, the law has come to be viewed in purely instrumental terms and has been relegated to the status of a tool suitable for manipulation by those who have the power to make or interpret it.
Until now she's resided in the genre of instrumental acoustic guitar, where her masterful finger work and lilting sense of melody have earned mainstream exposure and critical kudos.
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