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instrumental in doing something

playing an important part in doing something. John was instrumental in getting the contract to build the new building. Our senator was instrumental in defeating the bill.
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There's The Vince Guaradi Trio's original version of Cast Your Fate To The Wind and two tracks by America's most successful instrumental combo, Duane Eddy and The Rebels, with Ramrod and Rebel Rouser.
If you like, 'guitar CD's' and hark rock instrumental music, this, 'cool trance metal' (I'm quoting Paul) is right up your alley.
His first task is to define the instrumental consort repertory and its context of sources.
Glickman represents a number of prestigious corporate clients nationally and has been instrumental in negotiating many of Manhattan's largest and most complex leasing transactions.
In Getting the Most Out of Mozart--The Instrumental Works, David Hurwitz takes a flesh approach to helping the classical music novice understand these basic elements.
In the meantime Ratatat has set out to make the "most exciting electronic music ever" and see nothing unusual about two guys recording an instrumental record without raps, rhymes or vocals.
April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The Instrumental Women(R) Project, a nonprofit organization of the National Heritage Foundation, known for promoting the contributions of female musicians nationwide with sellout crowds through its concerts and events, announced today that it will dedicate its upcoming summer concert series to benefit social causes.
IN SPEAKING OF INSTRUMENTAL RATIONALITY, philosophers usually have in mind the rational requirement of taking the necessary means to our ends.
Employing impressive instrumental combinations as the dulcimer, recorders, a Celtic harp, and hand drums, Ancient Noels ($12.
The GSEs have played the instrumental role in the development of a historic mortgage finance bubble.
Q] must be extracted from a diffraction line profile containing, apart from strain broadening, instrumental broadening and size broadening.
Missy Elliott + Metallica--Combining the metal "Enter Sandman" instrumental with Elliott's rhymes walks the line between total mess and supercharged new song.
Thompson joined Harris in the early 1950s and was instrumental in designing Harris's first hydraulic scrap shear, introduced in 1952.
Here Maritain makes what he considers another necessary distinction between the Personnel when they act as their own proper cause and when that same Personnel act as instrumental cause.
The measurement process of the chemicals of concern consists of four primary steps: lipid determination; sample preparation; instrumental analysis, which usually involves a chromatographic step; and data analysis and evaluation.
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