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instrumental in (doing) (something)

Particularly influential in causing something to happen. Anna was instrumental in getting both parties to finally agree to a deal. Tom is one of our very best lawyers. He was instrumental in the success of our merger.
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instrumental in doing something

playing an important part in doing something. John was instrumental in getting the contract to build the new building. Our senator was instrumental in defeating the bill.
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In the final push of the campaign, the b Instrumental program is seeking raise an additional $350,000, which will support the execution of the program in all Fort Wayne middle and high schools.
Another lovely Tony Iommi instrumental is up next - Orchid, featuring the Ardenton String Quartet.
3rd places: Verse Speaking (Recitation), S3/4 Recitation, Star Murdy, Lockerbie Academy; Instrumental S5/6, Aisling Anderson, Lockerbie Academy; Bagpiping S1-2, Thomas MacFarlane, Lockerbie Academy.
Those getting registered for instrumental competition must play any of the instruments like Flute, Tabla, Guitar,Violin, Keyboard and Harmonium, while the judges for the competition are famous singers Mohammad Ali and Mubashira.
Ivic (1954: 165) pseudosocijativ dijeli na pratilacki instrumental, koji otkriva okolnosti pod kojima se vrUi radnja (npr.
Beginning with fifteenth-century codices containing music composed or arranged for instruments per se, including the earliest survival of written keyboard music in Faenza, the Buxheimer Orgelbuch, and the Casanatense canzoniere (possibly owned by Isabella d'Este), the second chapter embarks on an exhaustive comparison of available sources for Renaissance instrumental music.
The second stage of the project will be completed in May 2018, when the second set of the instrumental landing system (landing system) will be installed.
He held various choral, instrumental, and classroom positions in rural communities before moving to teach choral music at Holy Heart High School in St.
The natural approach is to perform localisation by instrumental mechanoreceptoric palpation, which is applicable in laparoscopic surgery and serves as an analogue of conventional manual palpation in open surgery To the best of our knowledge, the only currently available commercial device for intraoperative instrumental mechanoreceptoric palpation is the Medical Tactile Endosurgical Complex (MTEC).
Instrumental - Piano under 11yrs: Joint second - Sioned Roberts, Ysgol Terrig & Mabli Wiegand, Ysgol Glanrafon; Instrumental under 11yrs: Mari Williams, Ysgol Glanrafon; Piano 11-15yrs: Cate Nash; Instrumental 11-15yrs: Naomi Parry Diaz; Piano 15-21yrs: Elias Ackerley; Instrumental duet: Megan & Elan Roberts; Scholarship under 25yrs: Elias Ackerley.
Singer-songwriter duo Unleashed Dreams (Lindsey Gaye Walker and Sean Michael Paddison), present their debut album Dare to Dream, featuring both vocal and instrumental pieces.
Dave Chisholm; INSTRUMENTAL; Z2 Comics (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 24.99 ISBN: 9781940878157
Rolph Huband, a passionate supporter of Canadian history, was instrumental in bringing the Hudson's Bay Company Archives to Manitoba.
The last piece of this complex issue we need to understand is this: when you ask non-military legion members what, besides being part of the legion voice, motivates them to join, they cite important instrumental needs which mean more to their local community than to the military community at large.
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