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read the fucking instructions

rude slang An exclamation of frustration and exasperation directed at someone who has asked a question or series of questions that have already been answered in the instructions for something. Would you stop asking such boneheaded questions and just read the fucking instructions? I don't have time to hold your hand on every project we do. I don't understand how you could be having so many problems installing the software. Read the fucking instructions, dude.

Read the fucking instructions!

and RTFI
exclam. & comp. abb. Simply read the instructions. (Usually objectionable.) RTFI! It’s really very simple.
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The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recently revised their Standard Guide for Care Symbols for Care Instructions on Textile Products.
To balance performance and code density, the Thumb-2 architecture [4] is introduced which combines the traditional 16-bit Thumb instructions and additional 32-bit ARM instructions in a single instruction set.
As you know, jury instructions are approved for use by the Supreme Court with the proviso that the enactment is not the final word on the instruction's legality.
A key part of all jury trials in Florida is the judge's instruction to the jury on the law and processes to be applied to make the jury decisions in the case.
Another way to minimize code size with modern MCUs is to analyze typical application programs and assign the shortest instruction codes to the most commonly used instructions.
Differentiated instruction means matching instruction to meet the different needs of learners.
: an outline of how something is to be done <Follow the instructions on the box.>
A direct instruction approach is a learning process, a method and a model that designs, prepares, presents, deals, and manages several organized steps, procedures, and techniques, and even the amount of time that lapses from initiation of its purpose to the results of instruction.
Supports for improved instruction Schools and districts can support improved science instruction by providing access to appropriate assistive and instructional technologies and modified curricular materials.
For instance, representative client cases can be programmed into the instruction to bridge students' learning between the classroom and live field work (Seabury, 2003), and instruction can be tailored to the learners' current conceptual skill levels (Desrochers & Gentry, 2005).
Policy should clearly define the institution's calculation of faculty load for course development and instruction and should also address teaching load for instruction and the initial creation of the online course.
In most recent years, the rapid increase to incorporate technology into the curriculum in institutions of higher education has led tenured professor's to question the effectiveness of traditional instruction. The use of technology or web-enhanced courses is up-and-coming as the most common method of instruction in most institutions of higher learning.
If passed, SB 96 would require the Utah State Board of Education to "establish certain curriculum requirements and policies relating to instruction on theories of the origins of life." In particular, the bill states that "if instruction is given to students on any theory regarding the origins of life, or the origins or present state of the human race, then that instruction shall stress that not all scientists agree on which theory is correct." Nor, continues the bill, should the instruction "endorse a particular theory regarding the origins of life or the origins or present state of the human race." Nowhere in the bill will you find the term "intelligent design," but that theory certainly comes to mind when one mentions "alternative theories of the origin of the human race."
Clearly the situation should not be viewed as an indictment of this prestigious conservatory and the quality of instruction it provides.
To explain such phenomena, Baron and Galizio (1983) have suggested a twofold effect of reinforcing instruction-following behavior: The particular behavior specified by the instruction is reinforced, but instruction-following as a class is also strengthened.