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instruct someone in something

to teach someone about something. Amy will instruct you in the way to hang paper. The manager instructed Ken in the best method of entering data into the computer.
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For he is exhibited as ignorant of the very elements of dialectics, in which the Sophists have failed to instruct their disciple.
I therefore diverted the present discourse between me and my man, rising up hastily, as upon some sudden occasion of going out; then sending him for something a good way off, I seriously prayed to God that He would enable me to instruct savingly this poor savage; assisting, by His Spirit, the heart of the poor ignorant creature to receive the light of the knowledge of God in Christ, reconciling him to Himself, and would guide me so to speak to him from the Word of God that his conscience might be convinced, his eyes opened, and his soul saved.
We had here the Word of God to read, and no farther off from His Spirit to instruct than if we had been in England.
He told them he doubted they were but indifferent Christians themselves; that they had but little knowledge of God or of His ways, and, therefore, he could not expect that they had said much to their wives on that head yet; but that unless they would promise him to use their endeavours with their wives to persuade them to become Christians, and would, as well as they could, instruct them in the knowledge and belief of God that made them, and to worship Jesus Christ that redeemed them, he could not marry them; for he would have no hand in joining Christians with savages, nor was it consistent with the principles of the Christian religion, and was, indeed, expressly forbidden in God's law.
He wants nothing but to repent, and then he will be so much the better qualified to instruct his wife; he will then be able to tell her that there is not only a God, and that He is the just rewarder of good and evil, but that He is a merciful Being, and with infinite goodness and long-suffering forbears to punish those that offend; waiting to be gracious, and willing not the death of a sinner, but rather that he should return and live; and even reserves damnation to the general day of retribution; that it is a clear evidence of God and of a future state that righteous men receive not their reward, or wicked men their punishment, till they come into another world; and this will lead him to teach his wife the doctrine of the resurrection and of the last judgment.
I instruct you to move fast on errant traders who fail to give the recent budgetary benefits to Lankan consumers.
Judge Rhys Rowlands adjourned the preliminary hearing until this morning to allow the prosecution to instruct a new barrister.
Judge Rhys Rowlands adjourned the preliminary hearing until today to allow the prosecution to instruct a new barrister.
The Bar Council has approved an application by EC UK that will enable all Chartered Engineers to instruct barristers directly for advice on matters falling within their engineering discipline.
Instruct appropriate officials to ensure that the communications effort includes state and local adoption officials, and clarifies acceptable documentation for the certification of special needs adoptees.
Compounding this issue is the need to instruct students with learning disabilities.
Rick Perry, the House also agreed to instruct the conferees to go with the Senate's plan to zero out the Emerging Technology Fund and instead dedicate that money to education, nursing homes or other priorities.
I do not want to enter into a battle and I am afraid that if I instruct solicitors we will have difficulties remaining on good terms.
I am a certified instructor, the lead instructor and tactical team leader for my law enforcement agency, and I instruct classes for citizens as well.
1 : to give knowledge to : teach <A tutor instructs him in math.