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instruct someone in something

to teach someone about something. Amy will instruct you in the way to hang paper. The manager instructed Ken in the best method of entering data into the computer.
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Instruct the Company's management to inform the Company's managers and employees that they may not recommend to shareholders that they vote a certain way on any specific item.
Instruct appropriate officials to place the agreements on its website to help taxpayers better understand what constitutes acceptable documentation.
After that, and Hartnett's remarks, they voted against a motion to instruct for the first time in this debate.
Both you and your husband would need to instruct a trained collaborative lawyer and matters would be dealt with by way of a series of face-to-face meetings.
First, the court addressed the refusal of the trial judge to instruct the jury on the doctrine of RIL as the plaintiff requested.
For example, if we are able to pass along a cost saving in natural gas for a given week, we tell Wentworth about it, and they can instruct their buildings to switch over to burning gas for that week.
My observations suggest that the most critical elements of the RR program that are underrepresented in the classroom are the Instruct and Intervene elements of MIMI.
Tell him that if he doesn't do it, you will instruct another builder and send him the bill.
Cardinal Ambrozic is actually on record as having instructed the Rector to instruct lay people to distribute Holy Communion.
He then told the owner to instruct the dog with a single verbal command to fetch a specific item.
The coaching staff uses every chance it can get to instruct athletes to keep their knees between their first and second toes when bending during weight training, jumping, decelerating, and cutting.
More than that, however, God strengthens the servant in his suffering and has taught him as a teacher would instruct a student.
Offer the old one to a qualified senior in your facility and instruct him or her on how to use it and why this is important.
Is there any reason why this hypothetical risk manager could not, if so inclined, instruct the broker to include an arbitration clause?
Instruct campers to decorate their cabins with a clever theme and then schedule cabin tours.