institute against

institute something against someone or something

to initiate something against someone or something. The hospital decided to institute proceedings against her for failing to pay her bill. The prosecutor instituted a case against the county board.
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The study will be part of a wider research project located at the Danish Institute against torture in Copenhagen, Denmark, where a group of senior researchers are carrying out fieldwork and examining violent exchanges in the Global South.
An official representing Danish Institute Against Torture was also present at the two-day event, along with delegations from Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine and Lebanon.
A murder case has been registered on the complaint of Director Administration of Punjab Audit and Accounts Institute against unknown persons in Ghalib Market police station while police is trying to unearth the truth behind her death.
CARTHAGE (TAP) - Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki conferred, on Tuesday, with Director General of Dignity Danish Institute against Torture Karin Verland.
Also triumphing 2-1 at home was Lynemouth Institute against Red Lion Earsdon.
Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in the case brought by the Institute against the Federal Railroad Administration:
Kashmala also advocated her right as a member Standing committee to have access to all record pertaining to the bill of School of Fashion Designing, and also demanded explanation over not taking action over recommendations of the 18-member committee, against the principal of the Fashion institute, Hina Tayyaba who had also appointed her sister in the institute against heavy salary and perks.
Hyderabad, Dec 22 (ANI): Pro-Telangana activists protested outside a medical institute against a Congress Member of Parliament who has opposed the creation of Telangana.
According to a representative of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism, when a girl files for an abortion and it is obvious she could not have consented to sexual relations, the doctor should do the abortion without the court having to be involved because termination of a pregnancy is legal if it is the result of rape.
In the day's final game, Paul Brown was the hero when his goal sealed a 1-0 win for INSTITUTE against BANGOR.
RICHARD Beckham made a superb 120 break at snooker playing for Ormesby Institute against the Blytholme, who lost on the night 24-16.
IFW, BC Institute Against Family Violence, Vancouver, Summer 2002
Articles about children being sexually and physically abused in Honduras and my exposure to this issue through the BC Institute Against Family Violence prompted me to take a closer look at it," she explains.
Even though the suit was thrown out of court in 1994 as meritless, being dismissed with prejudice (meaning that it may not be brought again in the same form), the legal expenses incurred by Indiana University in defending itself and the institute against Reisman's vindictive litigation were monumental.
and the Policy, Options, published by the National Institute Against Prejudice and Violence.
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