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institute something against someone or something

to initiate something against someone or something. The hospital decided to institute proceedings against her for failing to pay her bill. The prosecutor instituted a case against the county board.
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Most TEI members first learn of the Institute in connection with a chapter or Institute-level education program, and our membership survey confirms that the delivery of high-quality educational content remains an extremely important goal.
The working group that formulated and guided the extensive strategic planning process was co-led by Sheila Newton, director of the NIEHS Office of Science Policy and Planning, and institute deputy director Samuel Wilson.
But the CalCPA Board and Council formed CalCPA Institute out of a broader vision of how CalCPA can support its vision and strategic focus of strengthening the profession, contributing to members' success and ensuring CalCPA's success.
The Institute was considered as an introductory experience.
The Appraisal Institute's Company-Wide Membership Program requires that all of a firm's employees who provide appraisal services be either designated (MAI, SRPA or SRA) or associate members of the Appraisal Institute for at least two years.
Made up of scholars of German literature, history, music, art history, Protestant and Catholic theology; romance languages, and legal history, the institute strives to inspire, organize, and publish interdisciplinary research on the early modern period.
From area rabbis and teachers to national political leaders, the Jewish intellectual community often finds common ground at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute.
But he and the Rutherford Institute were thrust into the national media spotlight when the group took up the case of Paula Jones, the Arkansas woman who is suing Clinton for sexual harassment.
The founding dean of the institute was Howard Radest, who served at that time as director of the Ethical Culture Schools in New York City.
July 11-13: International Mental Health Promotion Summer Institute, Toronto; Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, www.
With membership in the European Chapter now approaching the 200 member mark, the Institute has turned its attention to Asia, where an energetic group of members and potential members have been meeting informally and will likely move toward requesting a charter within the next year.
Applications for Senior Scientist Awards are invited by the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, the National Cancer Institute, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the National Institute of Mental Health.
Three years after sustaining severe damage from the Northridge Earthquake, the Brandeis-Bardin Institute is preparing to open a new Arts and Conference Center.
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