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instill someone with something

to imbue or impress someone with something. Her story instilled us all with courage. She instilled us with courage.
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instill something in (to) someone

to impress something into someone's mind. You need to remember your manners. I want to instill that into you. Good manners were instilled in me at home.
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instill something in(to) something

to add something to a situation. The presence of the mayor instilled a legitimacy into the proceedings. Sharon sought to instill a little levity in the meeting.
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Mucociliary flow can also be confirmed by instilling a small amount of dye, such as methylene blue (figure, C).
Parents constantly negotiate between pitfalls, but instilling a work ethic makes us especially wary of either extreme.
Building self-esteem, instilling values in children and promoting social harmony are sentiments most people find inspiring.
The GCCBSA serves others by instilling values in young people that prepare them to make ethical choices throughout their lifetime, enabling the realization of their full potential.
Instilling additional comic relief into the proceedings are dimwitted, always pregnant Edith Potter and the flamboyantly frivolous Countess De Lage, portrayed to the satirical hilt by Rebecca O'Brien and Wendy Worthington, respectively.
The Institute is expected to help manage Infosys' phenomenal growth, prepare Infoscions to face the complexities of the rapidly changing marketplace and bring about a paradigm shift in the work culture by instilling leadership qualities.
Garvey was as visionary as he was megalomaniacal: While instilling black pride, he sought to create a segregated black nation and even named himself ``provisional President of Africa.