instill in

instill something in (to) someone

to impress something into someone's mind. You need to remember your manners. I want to instill that into you. Good manners were instilled in me at home.
See also: instill

instill something in(to) something

to add something to a situation. The presence of the mayor instilled a legitimacy into the proceedings. Sharon sought to instill a little levity in the meeting.
See also: instill
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In my view, Bratton must instill in all of us, police and community alike, the idea of full partnership working with community groups as the eyes and the ears to fight crime.
This shared experience helped instill in those who served, as in the national culture generally, a sense of unity and moral seriousness that we would not see again-until after September 11, 2001.
Even if cadets don't eventually choose a career in uniform, the program appears to instill in them a sense of pride and responsibility, instructors said.