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instead of (something)

As an alternative to something; in place of something. Can I have chicken instead of fish? Mom is going to be furious when she finds out that you snuck out to be with your friends instead of doing your homework.
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instead of

Also, in lieu of; in place of; in someone's stead. In substitution for, rather than. For example, She wore a dress instead of slacks, or They had a soprano in lieu of a tenor, or In place of soft drinks they served fruit juice, or The chairman spoke in her stead. Instead of dates from about 1200; in lieu of, which borrows lieu, meaning "place," from French, dates from the late 1200s; in place of dates from the 1500s; and in someone's stead from the 1200s. Also see under in someone's shoes.
See also: instead, of
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Charlotte Johnson, co-owner of Home Instead, said: "We're really getting into the festive spirit and we've chosen to channel some of that celebratory energy into what we do best - helping to improve the lives of older people in our community.
Xbox One S "Forza Horizon 3"1TB bundle is now available for $299 instead of $349
Squirting bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it
Instead of going the boring and laborious way of counting calories and portion sizes, go for colour.
For the air-conditioned sleeper, Khyber Mail would charge Rs 4,000 instead of Rs 5370 from Karachi to Lahore, Tezgam Rs 4000 instead of Rs 5370 from Karachi to Lahore, Karachi Express Rs 4,000 instead of Rs 5370 from Lahore to Karachi, Tezgam from Rawalpindi to Karachi Rs 4700 instead of Rs 6300 and Jaafer Express will charge Rs 4490 instead of Rs 6300 from Quetta to Karachi.
The franchisees were joined in their efforts by Home Instead Senior Care Co-Founder Lori Hogan, CEO Ron Baumgart and Director of Government Affairs Phyllis Hegstrom.
Out of all of the countries in Annex 1, 16 countries have reached and some even exceeded the objectives set by the protocol including, for the EU, France (-4% instead of 0%) and the UK (-15.
This means that the blood goes right back into the body instead.
Focus on those things you can get the biggest bang for the change," he says, like cutting out soda and other sweetened beverages; eating out once a month instead of five times; going for a walk or bike ride three nights after dinner instead of plopping down in front of the TV.
Instead, I am a slave-driver, impatient and hurried, wondering why I can't manage to get this music up to tempo or that essay formed correctly, instead of accepting that maybe things are progressing exactly as they should.
They use a new electric lift and transfer instead of the older pneumatic system.
Why are we typing into computers and tied to our televisions instead of dancing in the streets?
Instead of teaching theology, Lewis said, he wanted to tell children a story, one that might strip away centuries of "stained glass and Sunday school"--and, I suppose, the fears of watchful librarians--and reveal the emotional core of the gospels.
Instead of pursuing the point, though, we moved on to Vonnegut's own witness of the firebombing of Dresden, the book's Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis context, the remarkable and ironic invention of a lexicon, religion, history, and people, the Judeo-Christian imagery (coupled with a reading of the biblical Book of Jonah), the unreliable narration, and the original prose style and organization.