not for a/one minute/moment/second/instant

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not for a moment

not at all; not even for a short amount of time; never. I don't want you to leave. Not for a moment! I could not wish such a horrible punishment on anyone. Not for a moment!
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not for a moment

Never, not in the least, as in Not for a moment did I believe he was telling the truth. This expression employs moment in the sense of "the tiniest length of time," a usage dating from the mid-1300s.
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not for a/one ˈminute/ˈmoment/ˈsecond/ˈinstant

(informal) not at all; definitely not: I didn’t think for a minute that he was married.Not for one instant would I ever consider going there on holiday again.
See also: minute, moment, not, one, second
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Pam Wilgus, assistant principal of Kirksville Middle School, which has 560 6-8 grade students, says the instant message system is quicker to use than sending out e-mails and also saves central office staff time on printing and copying memos and bulletins.
Instant runoff voting could save us more than $1 million every year.
NET really wows clients with ease of use, simplicity of the setup, and the dynamic reporting and output that the system generates," said George Meshkov, Director of Sales, Instant Software.
CardWizard has proven integration interfaces to a large number of account, card and network processing platforms which automate the instant issue and instant activation process.
Instant Technologies, based in Durham, NH, develops software to extend enterprise instant messaging systems.
DCS' CardWizard instant issue software provides an easy and secure method to immediately issue and re-PIN cards.
IMbrella Software, the parent company of ChatChecker, safeguards instant message use for companies, schools and government organizations of all sizes around the globe.
DCS' CardWizard instant issue software provides an easy and secure method to instantly issue and re-PIN cards, along with a user-friendly administration component that allows for full reporting, card inventory management, robust security and monitoring features required for instant issue.
Through a robust, user-friendly administration component, CardWizard provides a full report of card inventory management, reliable security and monitoring features required for instant issue.
As we thoroughly researched different instant issuance vendors, DCS rose to the top of the list because of its excellent reputation, strong referrals from current users, and software superiority," said Benson Bolling, Director of Business and Card Services for Alabama Credit Union.
As in the email world, where an email user can communicate with any other email user without worrying about the networks they are traversing, Federated interconnectivity similarly enables different instant messaging services to send instant messages to each other, regardless of the IM community they belong to.
5, IBM plans to provide instant messaging customers with federated access to AOL's global instant messaging network as an embedded feature for each user.
More Than Half of Adults Surveyed Log on to Instant Messaging Every Day
OTCBB:KWTN), parent company of NootMobile[TM] and a leading innovator of mobile instant messaging and information delivery services, today announced plans to add a wireless advertising program on NootMobile[TM].