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at the instance of

At one's urging. I'm doing some charity work now at the instance of my college advisor.
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for example

A phrase used before the speaker gives a specific example to further explain or illustrate what they are referring to. You should bring something in case you get cold on the plane, like a sweater or scarf, for example.
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for instance

A phrase used before the speaker gives a specific example to further explain or illustrate what they are referring to. You should bring something in case you get cold on the plane, like a sweater or scarf, for instance.
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in the first instance

First, before any subsequent actions. In the first instance, tell your boss you're sick and then call and make an appointment with your doctor.
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in the first place

1. From the outset; in or at the very beginning. You should have said you were feeling ill in the first place! I wouldn't have given you such a hard time if I'd known. I never would have bought this car in the first place if I'd known there weren't airbags.
2. As the first of a given set of points (e.g., in an argument). Why am I quitting? Well, in the first place, I haven't been paid for overtime in nearly a year, and I just don't feel valued as an employee in general.
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instance in (something)

obsolete To cite or present as an instance or example (of something). I am speaking of the changes to the tax bill, which my esteemed colleague has already instanced in. The incident being instanced in by the councilor is most egregious if true.
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this instance

This particular situation. I know I discouraged you from using too many commas in your essays, but, in this instance, I would add a comma. In this instance, Carrie needs her friends' love and support, regardless of how independent she is the rest of the time.
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for instance

for example. I've lived in many cities, for instance, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit. Jane is very generous. For instance, she volunteers at the hospital and gives money to charities.
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in the first place and in the first instance

initially; to begin with. In the first place, you don't have enough money to buy one. In the second place, you don't need one. In the first instance, I don't have the time. In the second place, I'm not interested.
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for example

Also, for instance. As an illustration of something, as in Dress casually, in blue jeans, for example, or This program has problems-for instance, it's hard to retrieve lost data. The first expression, which dates from the late 1500s, is used throughout this book to illustrate how an idiom is used. The variant dates from the mid-1600s.
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see under for example.

in the first place

1. From the beginning, at the outset, before anything else. For example, Why didn't you tell me in the first place that you've decided to leave? or He could have bought a new one in the first place.
2. As the first of several items in order of importance. This phrase is usually accompanied by in the second place, third place, and so on, as in I'm not joining the health club because, in the first place, I don't like their hours, and in the second place, I can't afford the dues . [First half of 1600s] Also see for one.
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in the ˈfirst instance

(formal) as the first part of a series of actions: In the first instance, notify the police and then contact your insurance company.
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in the ˈfirst place

1 used at the beginning of a sentence to introduce the different points you are making in an argument: In the first place it’s not your car, and in the second you’re not old enough to drive it. Is that clear?
2 used at the end of a sentence to talk about why something was done or whether it should have been done or not: I should never have taken that job in the first place.
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for ˈinstance

as an example: My books have sold well. My most recent one, for instance, sold 100 000 copies.
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for example

As an illustrative instance: Wear something simple; for example, a skirt and blouse.
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for instance

As an example; for example.
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