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at the instance of

At one's urging. I'm doing some charity work now at the instance of my college advisor.
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this instance

This particular situation. I know I discouraged you from using too many commas in your essays, but, in this instance, I would add a comma. In this instance, Carrie needs her friends' love and support, regardless of how independent she is the rest of the time.
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for instance

for example. I've lived in many cities, for instance, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit. Jane is very generous. For instance, she volunteers at the hospital and gives money to charities.
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in the first place and in the first instance

initially; to begin with. In the first place, you don't have enough money to buy one. In the second place, you don't need one. In the first instance, I don't have the time. In the second place, I'm not interested.
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for example

Also, for instance. As an illustration of something, as in Dress casually, in blue jeans, for example, or This program has problems-for instance, it's hard to retrieve lost data. The first expression, which dates from the late 1500s, is used throughout this book to illustrate how an idiom is used. The variant dates from the mid-1600s.
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see under for example.

in the ˈfirst instance

(formal) as the first part of a series of actions: In the first instance, notify the police and then contact your insurance company.
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for ˈinstance

as an example: My books have sold well. My most recent one, for instance, sold 100 000 copies.
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for example

As an illustrative instance: Wear something simple; for example, a skirt and blouse.
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for instance

As an example; for example.
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References in classic literature ?
The distinction between the class of objects denoted by such a word and the class of objects denoted by a general name such as "man," "vegetable," or "planet," is that the sort of object which is an instance of (say) "lightning" is much simpler than (say) an individual man.
Let us take as an instance the telling of some remembered event.
The instances of a word shade off into other movements by imperceptible degrees.
To illustrate what is meant by "understanding" words and sentences, let us take instances of various situations.
Often, in such instances as our image of a friend's face or of a nondescript dog, an image is not derived from one prototype, but from many; when this happens, the image is vague, and blurs the features in which the various prototypes differ.
In the third place, two instances of the same word are so similar that neither has associations not capable of being shared by the other.
But the law is loosed when the bird is found at a distance from any likely owner; the law against stealing does not forbid keeping the bird in that instance.
The interpretation is titled Attest Engagements on Financial Information Included in XBRL Instance Documents.
In the rithmomachia manual printed at the end of the volume, seven ways of capturing an enemy piece are given: for instance, if an enemy piece has a higher number on it than your own, you may take it if the number of empty spaces between the pieces multiplied by the number on your piece is equal to the number on his piece.
For instance, the student-teachers go into the schools for the deaf (primary and secondary education) to develop and teach SLN courses, or teach adults who want to study SLN as a foreign language.
For instance, Toyota's insistence on a single Toyota Production System worldwide has given it an enormous competitive advantage.
In order to include a set of instances in an inference as opportunities for the event to occur by chance, we must calculate the impact of the other proposed opportunities upon the prior probabilities and argue that the absence of a particular result in the other instances directly drives down the prior for design in the instance at hand.
The Predator unmanned aerial vehicle and the JSTARS surveillance aircraft, for instance, were still in the experimental stage when used in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf War, respectively.
With a few tips, anyone can harvest up to 100 times more tomatoes, for instance, in the same amount of growing space using 90% less water and with relative ease and cleanliness.
The report, for instance, found instances in which users were denied access to the Web site of the University of Kansas Medical Center's Archie R.