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inspire someone with something

to use something to inspire someone; to stimulate or encourage someone with something. The president inspired us all with patriotic speeches. She inspired us all with her story of heroism.
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inspire something in someone

to stimulate a particular quality in someone. You do not particularly inspire trust in me. She inspires fear in me.
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Created through Sean Swarner's vision of summitting Everest and inspiring people across all boundaries, CancerClimber challenges and facilitates cancer survivors to climb their own Everest, thus overcoming their own limitations and mental boundaries.
Amidst coverage of the conflict in Iraq and the myriad of depressing news stories of petty corruption and murder splashed across our television screens each night, positive and inspiring news happened all around us in 2006.
The Adler is a recognized leader in science education, with a focus on inspiring young people, particularly women and minorities, to pursue careers in science.
Over 5,000 entries were submitted, which judges narrowed down to the ten most inspiring.
Kinkade's artistic unique use of light and his peaceful and inspiring themes.
CHICAGO -- The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is accepting nominations for its "Inspiring Efficiency Awards," to be presented at the organization's 2006 Inspiring Efficiency Awards Ceremony, September 28th at the conclusion of its Midwest Energy Solutions Conference, September 27th & 28th in Chicago.
The promo short was used to portray London 2012's Olympic Games and Paralympic Games vision of inspiring children to pursue their dreams of sporting excellence.
With more than 15 million users worldwide, the company's award-winning software is revolutionizing visual learning in education - inspiring students to develop strong thinking and organizational skills and improve their academic performance.
Holly Claus, Santa's daughter, who was born from a wish, is inspiring the children of the world this Christmas to write letters, not about what they want as gifts, but about their dreams and aspirations," says author Ryan, who was nominated for the prestigious Quill Award this year, "and Holly Claus is writing back to each child.