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inspire someone with something

to use something to inspire someone; to stimulate or encourage someone with something. The president inspired us all with patriotic speeches. She inspired us all with her story of heroism.
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inspire something in someone

to stimulate a particular quality in someone. You do not particularly inspire trust in me. She inspires fear in me.
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Our tentacles reach out all over the world, but we really wanted to win the Inspire awards as they really pick up that North Hampshire connection.
It is the people in Afghanistan who inspire me, because of their courage and endurance.
Think of your teaching as a "serving" relationship with your student that inspires their growth as musicians and persons.
Comments: "The extraordinary individuals with whom I work at the San Francisco Symphony inspire me professionally every day.
GL has shown me ways to enjoy life and inspires me.
"Anything done on 16 mm inspires me," Demarbre admits.
Most mornings he takes a rigorous ballet class at Steps from Wilhelm Burmann, whose energy he says inspires him.
What distresses me in this otherwise thoughtful article is that once again the real cause that inspires this practice of attitude-assertion remains cunningly concealed behind a false front.
What inspires you in the rap music industry right now?
It inspires me that this generation plays with more mobile games.