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inspire someone with something

to use something to inspire someone; to stimulate or encourage someone with something. The president inspired us all with patriotic speeches. She inspired us all with her story of heroism.
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inspire something in someone

to stimulate a particular quality in someone. You do not particularly inspire trust in me. She inspires fear in me.
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we may beseech our source of wisdom, whether it is a good book or a smart cousin or some divine inspirer.
Also, the company plans to salute Kampf's immense contribution, founder (in 1967), leader and inspirer of the group during 45 years, by bestowing on him the title of honorary chairman of the Cap Gemini and appointing him vice-chairman of its board of directors.
Our Prime Minister can chose whether he will start to waste or keep its biggest political capital as an unyielding patriot in the defense of the name and the main inspirer of the ancient identity of Macedon ians, Rizaov concludes.
Those who criticize the incidental details of such ceremonies miss the main point, which is to offer worship and reverence to the same one God of all religions, the one reality, who is creator of us all and the inspirer of all enterprises.
Craddock's framework describes four trust-based and fear-based power types, or power personas: the pleaser, the charmer, the commander, and the inspirer.
The latest collection from Titan Eye Plus is targeted at today's arrived man who is a respected, self made success story in his field and a true inspirer with his ambition, drive and passion for excellence.
Shakespeare was such a great writer and such a great inspirer of people, helping them to understand the world around them and understand themselves as well in many different ways.
It is a mystical number, the inspirer of dreams and the creator of legends.
We as a nation, both collectively and individually, must acknowledge teachers for the role model and for the inspirer that they have been for us, he observed.
Director of Ullens Centre of Contemporary Art, Beijing; Cultural Curator of Le Meridien hotels worldwide; maker of rock music and inspirer of millions, Jerome Sans is nothing short of an all-rounder when it comes to contemporary art.
Installation of the control system is taking place as this Inspirer goes to press.
Ce livre inoubliable--avec un apercu historique et des idees pleines d'inspiration de Faith McDonnell, l'une des voix les plus claires qui appellent a la liberte et a la justice au niveau de l'Eglise aujourd'hui--va inspirer les lecteurs de par le monde pour qu'ils prennent note, qu'ils prient et oeuvrent pour mettre fin a cette tragedie.
They met Frank Buchman, the inspirer of this centre of reconciliation, who challenged the Japanese to make their country 'the lighthouse of Asia'.
The Maersk Inspirer rig would function as a production platform on the field, with tanker Navion Saga storing the oil for onward shipment, according to the company.
Even more important, he, the shocker, the inspirer, the perpetual gadfly and disrupter and disturber, had gained the confidence of the astute and judicious statesman who was our Prime Minister.