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Genius is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.

Genius or things considered to have the quality of genius derive from brilliant ideas or intellect but moreso through hard work. All these successful entrepreneurs had great ideas, sure, but they worked extremely hard to realize them. Genius is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.

Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.

Prov. People get brilliant results primarily by working hard, not because they have special inborn powers. Child: Betty always does the best drawings in art class. She must be a genius. Father: If you worked hard, you could do just as well. Remember, genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.
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Soon, that same story becomes the light, or the inspiration for many others who are still finding their way.
This world's 3rd learning inspiration economy forum that is conducted between 1st till 5th of Feb is unique from many standards as it is conducted for the 1st time outside Europe and it is depends on the voluntary efforts of youth and individuals in collaboration with the International Institute of Inspiration Economy and is conducted in a way that merges between learning by doing, best practices sharing and official training that comes from more than 24 different disciplines whom sees inspiration from different point of views, but meet under the framework of creating inspiration even in difficult times.
Inspiration was founded in Leicestershire in 2003 as a medical device distribution company focused on innovative products for critical care.
The contract includes the development of guidance and inspiration materials to work with lE*ringsmENlstyret education with a focus on language development in courses for bilingual students based on simplified Common Objectives.
We could hardly maintain that theological interest among Catholics today is focused upon the problem of the inspiration of the Scriptures.
The 81-year-old was presented with his award yesterday afternoon at the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards at St Mary's Hall.
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Currently Inspiration is finalising plans for further regulatory filings and preparing for the commercial launch of IB1001.
The survey, which polled more than 1,000 Americans nationwide, found that those who scored high on the inspiration index cited taking a coffee break as one of their most inspiring activities.
Paris, France) agreed to purchase a 20% stake in Inspiration Pharmaceuticals Inc.
1 : the act or power of arousing the mind or the emotions <the inspiration of music>
Jotun Paints, one of the world's leading manufacturers of decorative and protective paints and coatings, has launched its 30th Multicolour Centre in Jordan and 1000th in the Middle East, with the opening of the Zarqa Inspiration Centre at the end of May, 2008.
Says Kirk Inoue, Chairman and CEO "Heliox administration has been available on the Inspiration ventilator outside the U.
Jotun Paints has launched its second Inspiration Center in Dubai, located on a 135-square meter area behind Mazaya Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road.