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inasmuch as

1. Due to; because of; since. I know you and I don't get along particularly well, but inasmuch as we are to be colleagues, we should at least try to be civil to one another.
2. To such an extent that; to the degree that. Inasmuch as money is concerned, our project will be completely funded by private donations.

insofar as

To such an extent that; to the degree that. Insofar as money is concerned, our project will be completely funded by private donations. We should be finished filming by late spring, at least insofar as I can guess.
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inasmuch as

Also, insomuch as.
1. Since, because of the fact that, as in Inasmuch as I have to go anyhow, I'll pick up the book for you, or Insomuch as they are friends, we can seat them together. The first usage dates from the late 1300s, the second from the late 1400s.
2. Also, insofar as. To the extent or degree that, as in You will become a good pianist only inasmuch as you keep practicing, or He's lost interest insomuch as he has stopped attending church altogether, or Insofar as this is a temporary measure, we can't complain. [Late 1500s]
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Media culture is largely aiding in this process insofar as it is defining the future of post-Saddam contemporary Iraqi art, particularly as it is beginning to be recognized by the West.
Insofar as the inescapable calculus of politics and the law based itself on the unverifiable (therefore indeconstructible) assumed ground of ethics and justice, they were "mad." And just as in the early days Derrida insisted that logocentrism was not a pathology but an enabler, so was this madness.
Finitude characterizes our ontological being insofar as it is the in-common structuring of our general mode of temporal existence.
Insofar as I know, there is only one isotope of helium-3, and it isn't radioactive.
The Longer Trail, a 1956 docudrama by Fergus McDonell, a non-Native director, may have seemed progressive in its day, insofar as it disapproves of racial slurs.
Steve Houghton, an attorney representing Heartland and Manor Care Inc., said his client is "disappointed with the verdict insofar as [it] felt [it has] provided quality care since 1978."
Speaking of the yoke of marriage was a familiar topos in humanistic writings, and Luther tries to overcome this attitude when, in his treatise The Estate of Marriage, he recommends marriage as a vision for life, which (provided that it is lived in faith) means comfort insofar as it pleases God and delight insofar as it establishes a communion of man and woman.
All I'm saying is that, insofar as lifelong dreams are concerned, the aspiration to become a lawyer has to be one of the worst.
YOUR report ``Taxes may have to rise to plug pounds 7bn gap'' (October 21) tells us that Chancellor Gordon Brown has discovered a deficit in the economy which ``will blow a large hole in the government's ``spending plans'', particularly insofar as health and education areconcerned.'' If Tony Blair goes to war against Iraq, he will succeed in more than doubling the deficit in less than a month.
It is quite appropriate that we should come to New Delhi insofar as India's presence in the international cyber environment and in the global market is significant and is destined to grow quite substantially.
But The Interesting Narrative was more than a mirror insofar as it was an instrument, rhetorical in nature, used by Equiano in an effort to change his times.
But the court found that the former detainees asserted a constitutional violation of equal protection by alleging that their own race was a motivating factor for selecting them for confinement from a pool of eligible defendants, insofar as their race related to the race of their victims.
Ms L'Hirondel believes that consumers are not interested in what is not in a product - they are more interested in what is actually in the product.Dick Toet, from the biotech company Nestec, who attended as the representative of the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (CIAA), said that the agri-foods industry supported the first option (maintaining things as they are), wanting the current labelling system to be maintained insofar as it provides satisfactory outcomes.
At the same time, we must direct our energies toward the protection of these rare (insofar as human history is concerned) and hard-won rights and, with joy and responsibility, endow the future with these precious freedoms.
This statement of principle is beneficial and reflects a fair-minded and balanced approach to the administration of the penalty because penalties are generally appropriate only insofar as they deter wilful misconduct.