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insofar as

To such an extent that; to the degree that. Insofar as money is concerned, our project will be completely funded by private donations.
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inasmuch as

1. Due to; because of; since. I know you and I don't get along particularly well, but inasmuch as we are to be colleagues, we should at least try to be civil to one another.
2. To such an extent that; to the degree that. Inasmuch as money is concerned, our project will be completely funded by private donations.

inasmuch as

Also, insomuch as.
1. Since, because of the fact that, as in Inasmuch as I have to go anyhow, I'll pick up the book for you, or Insomuch as they are friends, we can seat them together. The first usage dates from the late 1300s, the second from the late 1400s.
2. Also, insofar as. To the extent or degree that, as in You will become a good pianist only inasmuch as you keep practicing, or He's lost interest insomuch as he has stopped attending church altogether, or Insofar as this is a temporary measure, we can't complain. [Late 1500s]
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Insofar as this latter, rather than the former, sense remains the focus of information, we will remain caught within an anthropomorphic and rationalist science.
Nevertheless, both of these texts might also be said to reiterate the normative ideals that equated masculinity with having facial hair insofar as the beardlessness of each protagonist is put forward as being remarkable.
It is both the origin of the ecocidal "disease" from which we suffer and its "cure," insofar as it provides resources for a new green mindset toward nature that is a prophylactic against antinature attitudes and habits.
But subordination slipped in the back door, insofar as woman's value was reduced to her central organ, making her a volitionless vehicle to reproduce males; so the new medical terms, like the old, supported theological and social norms of hierarchy.
Although they often treat religion dismissively, insofar as popular films are concerned with values, she argues, they need to be studied.
5 million Indians; (2) among them were the originarios, Indians who were themselves relocated by the official program; (3) most forasteros moved only short distances to neighboring communities and provinces; (4) forasteros constituted a stable residential population; (5) originarios worked outside of their communities for wages, but Wightman sees this as an alternative to migration rather than another form of migration; (6) Wightman excludes from her analysis landless, transient, migrants; and (7) while she does treat yanaconas, individuals who left their communities to attach themselves to Spanish employers, she does so only insofar as it is necessary to distinguish them from forasteros.
Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, both known and unknown and often beyond our control, and are not guarantees of future performance insofar as actual events or results may vary materially from those anticipated.
It's quite significant insofar as it's our first major gift unsolicited,'' said university President Handel Evans.
4/1 The natural gender of personae (Latin for persons) in the Bible, including the human author of various texts where evident, must not be changed insofar as this is possible in the receptor language.
Hiram Morgan's analysis of "The Fall of Sir John Perrot" concerns faction insofar as Morgan finds Burghley to blame for Perrot's treason conviction in 1592, the result of the Lord Treasurer's efforts to protect his own client, Sir William Fitzwilliam.
The repetitive aspect of the pattern, which the first series ten years ago made apparent, gives way to an interlacing that is more abstract--the flowers and fruit disappear--but at the same time remains figurative, insofar as it evokes sensual and fanciful forms.
It's not new ground insofar as limiting drugs available on a formulary, but if it's true .
Beauregard unrelentingly develops his goal of "explor[ing] the relationship of Aristotelian-Thomistic moral thought to Shakespeare's plays, with particular emphasis on the virtues and vices insofar as they shape character" (9).
SEPA is likely to change the European banking model insofar as customers with accounts in multiple countries are likely to consolidate to just one.