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insist on (something)

1. To need to do a particular thing, in spite of others' annoyance or discouragement. My little boy insists on taking his favorite toy truck with him every where he goes. Why do you insist on wearing shorts in the middle of winter? You look like a nut!
2. To require or dictate that something happen. I insist on you following my rules while you're living in my house.
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insist (up)on something

to demand something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I want you here now! We all insist upon it! I insist on it too.
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insist on

1. To demand something firmly and persistently: I insist on peace and quiet when I'm trying to work!
2. To continue with some behavior or course of action in spite of the disapproval of others: He insists on tapping his fingers on the desk, even though I've told him to stop.
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Though occupation is far from being funny, it seems to me that one cannot confront such adversity without insisting on the preservation of life and the refusal to accept despair.
The midfield hardman upset Arsenal by insisting he has played his last game for the club and also blasted their new signings, which will mean a tough return to training.
People who have a good word to say about Nikes, Big Macs, or TV ("North America's number one mental health problem") are under the sway of "marketstructured consciousness." People who express skepticism about global warming or defend the car ("arguably the most destructive product we humans have ever produced") are spreading "infotoxins." People who create commercials, TV shows, or movies that offend Lasn are dumping "mental pollutants" into our "collective unconscious." Lasn manages to exclude all of these people from the debate even while insisting on the importance of "information diversity."
The original languages of the Bible also use different terms for singular and plural "you," yet even the most emphatic proponents of literal translation aren't insisting we go back to "thee" and "thou." They acknowledge that archaic, discarded terms can't be resurrected, even if they're more precise.
Insisting that sex differences have their own physiological and psychological reality, she calls for "an understanding of sexual difference which will incorporate, not fight against, the corporeal." (p.
Although insisting that "[he] did not personally make the decision to deny the Hudson application, nor did [he] participate in department deliberations relating to the application," the secretary did admit invoking Ickes' name in the matter as a way to get Eckstein out of his hair and out of his office.
The debate in punditland has focused on the following questions: 1) Isn't Jean-Bertrand Aristide nuts, as the CIA keeps insisting, and even if he isn't, isn't he just as sadistic, vindictive, and lethal as the military regime?
Through advertisements on television and the Internet, MAF has promoted a petition drive devoted to the theme, "Get the UN Out of the U.S." It has also served as an uncritical booster of Bolton, insisting that as UN ambassador he would help make the UN work on behalf of U.S.
In his statement, Boykin apologized to anyone who may have taken offense, insisting, "I am not anti-Islam or any other religion.
The two "next steps" that we propose for emphasis by business - making performance count and insisting that radical rather than incremental reforms be implemented in persistently underperforming districts and schools - will not be easy politically.
Yet by insisting on a liberal order as the uniquely optimal basis for civil life, Kekes argues that liberals enshrine their own set of canonical values (freedom, equality, rights, etc.) as regulative for all societies.
The sermon made explicit this first assumption, insisting that the death of Jesus was not an execution, for God cannot be executed; Jesus had come to earth with the purpose of suffering and dying and in fact chose death upon the cross.
First, by calling those with as many as nine slaves "yeomen" and insisting that the slaves (and the massive capital invested in them) were somehow irrelevant if the yeoman and his family also got their hands dirty, then slavery has simply been defined away as a motivating factor for the typical southern slave owner (who owned between four and six slaves(1)).
Insisting on nominating a woman to be Attorney General was, in Charles Krauthammer's eyes, "not just un-American, it's bad politics," because you are "deliberately excluding half the population" when you choose people "according to their genes." Funny how Krauthammer never pointed this out when one-half the population was deliberately excluded from key posts in the Bush and Reagan Cabinets.
Giuliani criticized the current administration for not insisting on productivity give-backs in recently renegotiated city contracts.